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23st World Senior Chess Championship

Last update 24.11.2013 19:42:00, Creator/Last Upload: Croatian Chess Federation

Player overview for tkm

14IMKakageldyev Amanmurad2384TKM1½11½½½½1½½7,592395102,8023rd World senior chess c

Results of the last round for tkm

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMRogulj Branko24207 ½ - ½7 IMKakageldyev Amanmurad2384

Player details for tkm

IM Kakageldyev Amanmurad 2384 TKM Rp:2395 Pts. 7,5
1114Stull Norbert2075LUX4,5w 10,860,14101,40
271FMVokoun Jan2185CZE7,5s ½0,76-0,2610-2,60
367Schouten Nico2201NED5,5w 10,740,26102,60
457Acers Jude2230USA6s 10,710,29102,90
58GMSuba Mihai2413ROU8s ½0,460,04100,40
661Karason Askell O2220ISL7w ½0,72-0,2210-2,20
726FMSloth Jorn2338DEN7s ½0,56-0,0610-0,60
842Kierzek Matthias Dr.2250GER6,5w ½0,68-0,1810-1,80
965Nukin Tolegen2208KAZ6s 10,730,27102,70
1024IMVan Riemsdijk Herman C.2347BRA7,5w ½0,55-0,0510-0,50
116IMRogulj Branko2420CRO7,5s ½0,450,05100,50