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Seletiva de Xadrez da PMDF (Grupo A) 2024

Last update 10.07.2024 21:37:20, Creator/Last Upload: Sebastiao

Starting rank list of players

1ANDRADE, TC Ivan Neudir530064BRA2067Brasília (Df)
9De Araujo, SGT Adriano Joao534408BRA1879Brasília (Df)
2FREIRE, TC Edney Da Silva534196BRA1832Brasília (Df)
5CAP Frazao,BRA1800Brasília (Df)
6CAP Marçal,BRA1800Brasília (Df)
7CEL Elisson,BRA1800Brasília (Df)
3Ferreira, ST MarcosBRA1800Brasília (Df)
8SD Jose Luis,BRA1800Brasília (Df)
10TEN Julierme,BRA1800Brasília (Df)
4MENDONCA, SGT Lidio De Jesus534347BRA1710Brasília (Df)