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I Torneig d'Escacs Enxaneta 2024

Last update 12.07.2024 16:55:15, Creator/Last Upload: Laura Martin Perez

Starting rank list of players

2Soto Segura, Victor1560Vall Del Tenes, Club Escacs
8Jarque Guirao, Oriol1476Vall Del Tenes, Club Escacs
4Rico Barbosa, Nikola Galis1441Les Franqueses, C.E.
5Puigdomenech Morell, Jordi1371Llinars, Club D'escacs
1Canadas Calderon, Biel1367Les Franqueses, C.E.
3Garcia Rodriguez, Dafne1319Valls C.E.
7Gonzalez Rodriguez, Nico1291Vall Del Tenes, Club Escacs
6Permanyer Dvoretskaya, Aleksandra1290Llinars, Club D'escacs