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11th PBM Rapid Chess Tournament KIDDIES Category

Last update 29.06.2024 12:44:04, Creator/Last Upload: Ray_G_Salvaloza

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Starting rank

1Lumasag, Troy521002339PHI1903
2Bordios, Mark ZephanPHI1744
3Parbo, Philip DalePHI1545
4Sabandal, ZyndeePHI1515
5Abad, Mowlie KeleyPHI0
6Alegro, Tyrell JayePHI0
7Almansor, Kyvn JamesPHI0
8Carlon, LlonielPHI0
9Conte, Al Zedrick B.PHI0
10Conte, Ammiel John B.PHI0
11Dio, Stacy BlairePHI0
12Dumile, Jhon TheoPHI0
13Magante, EmmanuelPHI0
14Matapias, Liah BienPHI0
15Paclibar, Romeo EmmanuelPHI0
16Saludo, Andrea NicolePHI0
17Silva, Jillian LouisePHI0