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The last round starts on 14th June at 12.00!

UzChess Cup Challengers 2024

Last update 14.06.2024 14:41:39, Creator/Last Upload: Uzbekistan Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

10GMPredke, Alexandr24107581SRB2667
1GMMatlakov, Maxim4168003FID2657
5GMDonchenko, Alexander24603295GER2639
9GMSuleymanli, Aydin13413937AZE2626
6GMVokhidov, Shamsiddin14204223UZB2624
2GMIndjic, Aleksandar911925SRB2602
8GMYilmaz, Mustafa6302718TUR2601
4GMGupta, Abhijeet5010608IND2589
3GMVakhidov, Jakhongir14201801UZB2580
7GMRomanov, Evgeny4148843NOR2577