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WinterChess woman masters feb 2013 (77348)

Last update 23.02.2013 12:54:47, Creator/Last Upload: ASENSIO FERRARI, Enrique

Starting rank list of players

7FMAli EhsanESP2335Baleares
6FMGarcia Del Rey SenenESP2293Asturias
5FMRobin SamyFRA2250Francia
1WFMRodrigo Yanguas MariaESP2187Madrid
3WFMDe Seroux CamilleSUI2105Suiza
2Nicolas Zapata JavierESP2075Alicante
4WFMFrey AlisaGER2060Alemania
8Bismuth LeaFRA1962Francia
9Gallardo PiƱa NeusESP1902Baleares
10Gimenez Garcia EmilioESP1830Baleares