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WinterChess masters IM Febrero 2013 (77349)

Last update 23.02.2013 14:10:44, Creator/Last Upload: ASENSIO FERRARI, Enrique

Starting rank list of players

5IMMladenov PlamenBUL2421Bulgaria
4IMMascaro March PedroESP2385Baleares
10IMIvanov JordanBUL2354Bulgaria
7FMFejzullahu AfrimSRB2295Serbia
3FMErmeni AvniSRB2265Serbia
2Cantero AntonioESP2255Alicante
6WIMNicolas Zapata IreneESP2250Alicante
8WIMSeps MonikaSUI2241Suiza
1Barrenechea Bahamonde GustavoESP2198Andalucia
9Rey FabriceFRA2194Francia