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The prize giving ceremony will be at 21:00 at the Jean Monnet Theatre. Results and standing will be published here after the end of the last game.

European School Championship 2024

Last update 07.06.2024 17:14:21, Creator/Last Upload: aeliens

Player Overview of a federation

1IMTarhan Adar34544712TUR2457List of all players
2IMKilic Eray44517173TUR2433List of all players
3CMCelik Ali Alper44569955TUR2102List of all players
9Topuz Mirac Melih26364611TUR2065List of all players
10Demirtas Alper44576781TUR2060List of all players
11Yilmaz Kerem Tuna44513780TUR2039List of all players
13Yalcinkaya Efe44506619TUR2026List of all players
14Senel Hayri Beyhun26314690TUR2018List of all players
17Yildiz Egehan44518072TUR1984List of all players
20Unsal Gorkem51607484TUR1969List of all players
21Dogan Umut Anil51618060TUR1957List of all players
23Mustu Hatice Asli34576843TUR1925List of all players
28Turker Esat Tuna51618249TUR1898List of all players
30Uzdemir Ali Poyraz51619733TUR1896List of all players
31WCMBuyuk Ecrin Efsa44505175TUR1891List of all players
34Gokturk Murat Kutay51605260TUR1861List of all players
44Gedik Eylul Ceren26318008TUR1792List of all players
49Aydogan Arya26390574TUR1756List of all players
51Oz Ege26391600TUR1754List of all players
55Sahin Cagla Yudum26316536TUR1725List of all players
56Seyhan Pelin44582781TUR1719List of all players
64Keskinler Ela44576706TUR1655List of all players
65Yazici Zumral26349485TUR1651List of all players
67Zeybek Kayla Nil26316722TUR1640List of all players
71Peray Ata51643820TUR1623List of all players
74Sahin Bora51680491TUR1610List of all players
76Hisir Onur51643570TUR1603List of all players
79Engel Ecrin Tuana44508115TUR1576List of all players
80Koyunoglu Omer Alp51616955TUR1570List of all players
83Sonmez Zeynep51606054TUR1561List of all players
85Dogan Ipek51608278TUR1552List of all players
86Keser Irmak51642840TUR1545List of all players
88Tumer Eylul51618397TUR1541List of all players
94Aynaoglu Efe51681358TUR1516List of all players
98Keser Nehir51641267TUR1500List of all players
101Deniz Elif51605686TUR1491List of all players
106Budumlu Masal51678462TUR1469List of all players
115Aldeniz Defne51605449TUR1428List of all players
116Tolan Eslem51681188TUR1424List of all players
123Akinci Miray525001396TUR0List of all players
138Dede Omer Taha51699532TUR0List of all players
144Gurbuz Bugra51699842TUR0List of all players
155Islek Kumsal525002015TUR0List of all players
190Yildiz Goksu525002317TUR0List of all players
1IMTarhan Adar34544712TUR2457O17
2IMKilic Eray44517173TUR2433O17
4Topuz Mirac Melih26364611TUR2065O17
5Yilmaz Kerem Tuna44513780TUR2039O17
1WCMBuyuk Ecrin Efsa44505175TUR1891G17
2Mustu Hatice Asli34576843TUR1925G17
10Engel Ecrin Tuana44508115TUR1576G17
4Demirtas Alper44576781TUR2060O15
5Yalcinkaya Efe44506619TUR2026O15
6Senel Hayri Beyhun26314690TUR2018O15
7Yildiz Egehan44518072TUR1984O15
4Gedik Eylul Ceren26318008TUR1792G15
5Seyhan Pelin44582781TUR1719G15
6Keskinler Ela44576706TUR1655G15
1CMCelik Ali Alper44569955TUR2102O13
5Unsal Gorkem51607484TUR1969O13
6Dogan Umut Anil51618060TUR1957O13
10Turker Esat Tuna51618249TUR1898O13
1Aydogan Arya26390574TUR1756G13
3Sahin Cagla Yudum26316536TUR1725G13
5Yazici Zumral26349485TUR1651G13
7Zeybek Kayla Nil26316722TUR1640G13
8Dogan Ipek51608278TUR1552G13
10Tumer Eylul51618397TUR1541G13
1Uzdemir Ali Poyraz51619733TUR1896O11
2Gokturk Murat Kutay51605260TUR1861O11
5Oz Ege26391600TUR1754O11
9Koyunoglu Omer Alp51616955TUR1570O11
5Deniz Elif51605686TUR1491G11
6Sonmez Zeynep51606054TUR1561G11
7Aldeniz Defne51605449TUR1428G11
8Keser Nehir51641267TUR1500G11
2Peray Ata51643820TUR1623O9
5Sahin Bora51680491TUR1610O9
6Hisir Onur51643570TUR1603O9
9Aynaoglu Efe51681358TUR1516O9
5Tolan Eslem51681188TUR1424G9
6Budumlu Masal51678462TUR1469G9
7Keser Irmak51642840TUR1545G9
4Dede Omer Taha51699532TUR0O7
5Gurbuz Bugra51699842TUR0O7
2Akinci Miray525001396TUR0G7
3Yildiz Goksu525002317TUR0G7
9Islek Kumsal525002015TUR0G7