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The prize giving ceremony will be at 21:00 at the Jean Monnet Theatre. Results and standing will be published here after the end of the last game.

European School Championship 2024

Last update 07.06.2024 17:14:21, Creator/Last Upload: aeliens

Player Overview of a federation

1IMTarhan Adar34544712TUR2457List of all players
2IMKilic Eray44517173TUR2433List of all players
7Sheahan Ben2516926IRL2080List of all players
9Topuz Mirac Melih26364611TUR2065List of all players
11Yilmaz Kerem Tuna44513780TUR2039List of all players
19Starosciak Szymon21895848POL1983List of all players
29Ulian Andrei-Octavian1249860ROU1896List of all players
32Yildiz Yunus34670165GER1883List of all players
118Devine Luca2517299IRL1414List of all players
121Adam Benno34689516GER0List of all players
134Comley Jamie2524260IRL0List of all players
136Crkon Oliver2531100IRL0List of all players
152Hohenschurz Eric34689575GER0List of all players
156Karliova Fabian34689940GER0List of all players
160Loos Ejnar-Enki34689648GER0List of all players