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Kollam District Under 17 Open selection Chess Championship 2024

Last update 03.04.2024 12:08:14, Creator/Last Upload: CITY CHESS CLUB

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Starting rank

1Ajin Raj,IND1547
2Arav Vinod,IND1541
3Anam Abbas,IND1462
4Navaneeth S,IND1424
5Mohammed Adhnan,IND1420
6Lee Lenin,IND1412
7Nivedh S Nair,IND1405
8Aadi Pradeep,IND0
9Aadisivanadh B S,IND0
10Akarsh Deva,IND0
11Arish Deva,IND0
12Bhargav S L,IND0
13Devadath R,IND0
14Drupadh V,IND0
15Faiz Muhammed,IND0
16Kedarnadh Sai,IND0
17KS Harigovind,IND0
19Navaneeth P,IND0
20Nirmal Raj,IND0
21Raisan Niyas,IND0
22Rohil Prakash,IND0
23Rohith Krishnan,IND0
24S Navaneeth,IND0
26Udith Narayanan,IND0
27Vishnu Gopan,IND0