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Last update 02.02.2013 11:00:15, Creator: Malaysian Chess Federation,Last Upload: Jaffolea Chess Club

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1LIM WEI SHENG1730MAS 99w1 31b1 28w1 4b1 13w1 2b1 5w½6,5322927,5
2AMRI IBNI HAJAR1740MAS 39b1 10w1 6b1 11w1 3b1 1w0 8b163730,526
3ABDUL MUIZZ BAKHIR1603MAS 86w1 21b1 14w1 7b1 2w0 9w1 11b1632,526,525
4MOHD ROSLY YAACOB1547MAS 94b1 15w1 23b1 1w0 34b1 10w1 12b163225,524
5MOHD DARWIS MOHD SABRI1542MAS 68b1 81w1 34b1 12w1 9b½ 15w1 1b½630,524,826
6NAZLAN ABD RAHIM1521MAS 91b1 65w1 2w0 30b1 31w1 13b1 14w½5,52920,522,5
7SHAHARUDIN MOHD SHAH0MAS 53b1 17w1 29b1 3w0 25b1 8w0 32b15322122
8MUHD SIRAJUDDIN MUNAWWIR AHMAD F1547MAS 85w1 30b1 19w1 13b0 23w1 7b1 2w0531,520,523
9MUHD NURISLAM YAHAYA1490MAS 44w1 80b1 20w½ 16b1 5w½ 3b0 31w1531,520,322
10MUHD AFIFI YUSOFF1260MAS 63w1 2b0 24w1 41b1 33w1 4b0 29w1531,519,520
11MUHD NURIMAN YAHAYA1561MAS 82w1 58b1 18w1 2b0 17w1 27b1 3w05311923
12FAUZI AHMAD1640MAS 92w1 37b1 33w1 5b0 20w1 29b1 4w0530,518,523
13ANAS AZIZ1601MAS 98b1 50w1 25b1 8w1 1b0 6w0 34b15301823
14QASDINA FAUZI1401MAS 56b1 52w1 3b0 57w1 22b½ 33w1 6b½529,518,521
15NURUL SYAZWANI HAMIZUL1196MAS 87w1 4b0 88w1 28b1 18w1 5b0 27w15291720
16MD HAIRI MD HUSSAIN1690MAS 36b1 47w1 27b0 9w0 59b1 30w1 22b15281919
17ROSLI SHAARI1338MAS 55w1 7b0 32b1 59w1 11b0 41w1 35b15281819
18NUR ISLAMURNI YAHAYA1363MAS 88b1 60w1 11b0 39w1 15b0 57w1 42b15261620
19MUADZ FAUZI1301MAS 97b1 35w1 8b0 38w1 29b0 55w1 28b15251620
20FAIRUZ HAMIZAH AHMAD FUAD1623MAS 59b1 22w1 9b½ 27w1 12b0 32w½ 23b½4,53018,321
21AQIL DANISH JUSOH1196MAS 70b1 3w0 42b1 35w1 27b0 60w1 25b½4,528,516,318,5
22MUHD NURIHSAN YAHAYA1213MAS 89w1 20b0 45w1 55b1 14w½ 24b1 16w04,5281619,5
23KHAIRUL AMAL KHALID1331MAS 62b1 49w1 4w0 80b1 8b0 46w1 20w½4,52814,819,5
24MUHD ADAM MOHD NOOR0MAS 32b½ 78w1 10b0 47w1 50b1 22w0 51b14,526,51517,5
25NADIA FARHANA ABD RAHMAN1382MAS 90w1 83b1 13w0 40b1 7w0 43b1 21w½4,526,514,319,5
26NUR ADILA HUSNA ABD RAHMAN1134MAS 64b1 29w0 51b½ 32w0 52b1 53w1 47b14,52515,315,5
27NASARUPPIN ABIZAR1498MAS 48w1 40b1 16w1 20b0 21w1 11w0 15b0431,51721
28MAZLAN MAJID1490MAS 38b1 57w1 1b0 15w0 49w1 40b1 19w043114,518
29MAHADZIR ZAINOL ABIDIN1536MAS 76w1 26b1 7w0 58b1 19w1 12w0 10b04301520
30MUHD FADZIL MAT ISA1146MAS 51b1 8w0 52b1 6w0 45b1 16b0 48w143014,516
31HJ YAHAYA AHMAD1242MAS 42b1 1w0 91b1 62w1 6b0 38w1 9b04301318
32KHOR BOON HAN1451MAS 24w½ 77b1 17w0 26b1 48w1 20b½ 7w0429,51517,5
33JUSOH ABDULLAH1457MAS 45b1 43w1 12b0 65w1 10b0 14b0 59w14291418
34NOR ILYANA ABDUL RAHMAN1306MAS 61w1 84b1 5w0 43b1 4w0 56b1 13w04291219
35WAN NUR AFISYA WAN AZMI0MAS 41w1 19b0 82w1 21b0 80w1 67b1 17w0425,51117
36AMIR SYAFIQ AZLI0MAS 16w0 54b1 49b0 72w1 37w0 63b1 66w142512,513
37NUR MANARINA MAJDAH ISMAIL1223MAS 72b1 12w0 38b0 88w1 36b1 42w0 68b14251215
MOHD SAFUAN FATHI ABD KAMAL0MAS 28w0 93b1 37w1 19b0 58w1 31b0 67w14251215
39AIMAN WAHDI MOHD IMRAN0MAS 2w0 63b1 83w1 18b0 60w0 72b1 61w14251114
40MUHD RAFIQ ROSLI1079MAS 73b1 27w0 64b1 25w0 62b1 28w0 55b1424,51216
41AHMAD IRSYAD ZUBIR0MAS 35b0 97w1 66b1 10w0 71b1 17b0 56w14241015
42MUHD SYAZWAN BIN AHMAD FUAD0MAS 31w0 99b1 21w0 81w1 69b1 37b1 18w0423,51015
43ADZREAL HAIKAL ISMADI0MAS 96b1 33b0 71w1 34w0 66b1 25w0 70b142310,516
44MOHD SAIFUL AKMAL ABD KADIR0MAS 9b0 66w0 67w0 89b1 64b1 74w1 57b14221110
45MOHD SYAHIR HAKIMI MOHD SUHAIMI0MAS 33w0 96b1 22b0 64w1 30w0 81b1 65w14229,513
46AIMAN HAZIM MOHD ZAKHIRUDDIN0MAS 84w0 61b0 89w1 77b1 83w1 23b0 71w14199,513
47ANIS ZULAIKHA ABDUL JALIL1225MAS 54w1 16b0 48w½ 24b0 84w1 49b1 26w03,526,510,814,5
48MOHD RIZALMAN RAMELI0MAS 27b0 73w1 47b½ 51w1 32b0 50w1 30b03,525,511,814,5
49SOFEA NOOR MOHD0MAS 69b1 23b0 36w1 50w½ 28b0 47w0 78b13,52511,315
50SITI NUR AFIQAH MOHD NOOR1197MAS 79w1 13b0 56w1 49b½ 24w0 48b0 60b13,52510,315
51NURAMIRAH SYAHIRAH HAMIZUL0MAS 30w0 85b1 26w½ 48b0 86w1 58b1 24w03,523,59,313,5
52NUFAIL RAZIQ0MAS 67w1 14b0 30w0 86b½ 26w0 82b1 76w13,5238,512
53ADZREAL ALIFF ISMADI0MAS 7w0 55b0 63w½ 99b1 82w1 26b0 79w13,521710,5
54NABIL RAIF0MAS 47b0 36w0 69b0 96w½ 73b1 86b1 77w13,519,58,38
55MUHD ASYRAF MAT SAAD0MAS 17b0 53w1 81b1 22w0 65b1 19b0 40w03278,514
56MUHD AFIQ BIN SHOKRUN0MAS 14w0 67b1 50b0 73w1 74b1 34w0 41b0325,5913
57MUHD HAKIM YUSOFF1107MAS 93w1 28b0 87w1 14b0 61w1 18b0 44w0325715
58RAIHANA UMAIRA HAMIZUL1185MAS 75b1 11w0 72b1 29w0 38b0 51w0 89b1324,5813
59ARIVIN RAJ PERUMALU0MAS 20w0 89b1 84w1 17b0 16w0 83b1 33b0324,5613
60NURUL SYAZWANI MOHD SUHAIMI0MAS 95b1 18b0 80w0 68w1 39b1 21b0 50w0324914
61MUHD HAZIQ MOHD ZAKHIRUDDIN0MAS 34b0 46w1 65b0 78w1 57b0 69w1 39b0323,59,512
62MUHD AZRI HARIZ MD YAZID0MAS 23w0 69w1 74b1 31b0 40w0 65b0 84w1323,5812
63MUHD NIZAMUDDIN MOHD ROSLY0MAS 10b0 39w0 53b½ 95w1 70b½ 36w0 93b1323,57,39
64NURHANI AMIRAH ADENAN0MAS 26w0 76b1 40w0 45b0 44w0 90b1 92w13236,59
65NURIN FATINI BAHAROM1111MAS100b1 6b0 61w1 33b0 55w0 62w1 45b0322,5614
66RAHMAT ROSLAN0MAS 80w0 44b1 41w0 90b1 43w0 85w1 36b0322812
67FATHIN AQILA ATHIFAH BOLIA1207MAS 52b0 56w0 44b1 97w1 85b1 35w0 38b0321,5712
68IZZ HAFIY SHAIFUL NIZAM0MAS 5w0 71b0 96w1 60b0 87w1 84b1 37w0321,55,510
69AFIQAH MUSTAFA KAMIL0MAS 49w0 62b0 54w1 87b1 42w0 61b0 83w13217,510
70NUR AMIRA SYUHADA ABDULLAH0MAS 21w0 86b½ 77w½ 82b½ 63w½ 80b1 43w03206,811
71NURHAKIMI ISMAIL0MAS 81b0 68w1 43b0 98w1 41w0 92b1 46b0320612
72NABILA ZULKIFLY0MAS 37w0 92b1 58w0 36b0 98b1 39w0 81w1320510
73NURUL SYAMIMI IZZATI JAMALUDIN0MAS 40w0 48b0 76w1 56b0 54w0 97w1 85b1319,55,58
74SITI ZUHAIRINNISA DAUD1125MAS 83w0 90b1 62w0 79b1 56w0 44b0 87w1318,56,511
75NUR SYASYA AFIFAH AYOB0MAS 58w0 82b0 92w1 85b0 76w0 95b1 80w1315,568
76IZZATUN NUHA MOHD JAMAL0MAS 29b0 64w0 73b0 93w1 75b1 78w½ 52b02,5216,38
77NUR WAZILA WAHID0MAS 78b½ 32w0 70b½ 46w0 91b½ 94w1 54b02,5215,89,5
78NURHUSNA IZZATI HAMIZUL1154MAS 77w½ 24b0 79w½ 61b0 90w1 76b½ 49w02,520,55,810
79NUHA AMIRAH AHMAD SHUKRI0MAS 50b0 98w½ 78b½ 74w0 94b½ 91w1 53b02,517,54,89
80ABDUL HADI CHE AWANG0MAS 66b1 9w0 60b1 23w0 35b0 70w0 75b0225,5612
81AHMAD AKIF HASIF AHMAD FUAD1139MAS 71w1 5b0 55w0 42b0 88b1 45w0 72b0225510
82FATIN AFIFAH ISHAK0MAS 11b0 75w1 35b0 70w½ 53b0 52w0 91b½2245,58,5
83NURINA NAULI RAFIQAH0MAS 74b1 25w0 39b0 94w1 46b0 59w0 69b0223,5511
84ZAHIDAH MOHD SHUKRI0MAS 46b1 34w0 59b0 91w1 47b0 68w0 62b0222,5611
85FATIN NABILAH SAMSUDIN0MAS 8b0 51w0 93b1 75w1 67w0 66b0 73w0222,559
86AZZARIANI ROSLIE0MAS 3b0 70w½ 98b½ 52w½ 51b0 54w0 94b½222,54,88
87NUR ATIQAH ISMAIL0MAS 15b0 94w1 57b0 69w0 68b0 88w1 74b022148
88MUHD AMIRUL SYAFIQ MOHD RUSDI0MAS 18w0 95w1 15b0 37b0 81w0 87b0 99w122137
89NOOR ATHIQAH MOHAMED ASRI0MAS 22b0 59w0 46b0 44w0 96b1 98w1 58w02212,55
90MUHD AFIQ SYAZWAN AHMAD SUKRI0MAS 25b0 74w0 95b1 66w0 78b0 64w0 98b121936
91MAIZATUL AKMA MOHD RASHID0MAS 6w0100b1 31w0 84b0 77w½ 79b0 82w½218,52,38
92AMIRAH MUMTAZAH ZUHARI0MAS 12b0 72w0 75b0100w1 97b1 71w0 64b021817
93NURUL SYAFIQAH BAKERY0MAS 57b0 38w0 85w0 76b0 99w1 96b1 63w02172,55
94FATIN MUNIRAH ISMAIL0MAS 4w0 87b0100w1 83b0 79w½ 77b0 86w½2172,37
95SITI FATIMAH JAMALUDIN1075MAS 60w0 88b0 90w0 63b0100b1 75w0 97b121414
96SITI NUR ALIA KHAIRUL0MAS 43w0 45w0 68b0 54b½ 89w0 93w0100b11,518,51,83
97MUHD IKMAL MAT AREH0MAS 19w0 41b0 99w1 67b0 92w0 73b0 95w012015
98FARAH HANA HAMDAN0MAS 13w0 79b½ 86w½ 71b0 72w0 89b0 90w0119,52,35,5
99ALEEYA RUSHDA MOHD RADZI0MAS 1b0 42w0 97b0 53w0 93b0100w1 88b011902
100NURUL IZZAH SOLLEH0MAS 65w0 91w0 94b0 92b0 95w0 99b0 96w0013,500

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break (with real points)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break