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Schackklubben Rockadens KM våren 2013, 1B

Last update 19.04.2013 22:28:47, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schackförbund

Starting rank list of players

6Geijer ErikSWE1441SK Rockaden
9Paltzer BrandySWE1441Sollentuna SK
5Karpestam UlfSWE1430SK Rockaden
8Lindberg BoSWE1429SK Rockaden
3Stern Sven-IngeSWE1420SK Rockaden
2Einarsson HansSWE1405SK Rockaden
4Rabaza RamirESP1388SK Rockaden
1Lozakovitj DanielSWE1380SS 4 Springare
7Tuomainen JouniSWE1278SK Rockaden