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Post festum v Domnu - 05

Last update 12.02.2024 23:02:36, Creator/Last Upload: Andi130

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Starting rank

1ISlejko, Vladimir14610388SLO1913
2MKUrsic, Aleksander14605635SLO1817
3IIBrecevic, Liam14617510SLO1675
4IMilunovic, Vlado14608278SLO1849
5IIIDjordjevic, Aleksandar14651432SLO0
6IBogdanovski, Zoran14610876SLO1759
7IIITrcek, Alojzij14613069SLO1721
8IIVidic, Marjan14612364SLO1535
9Goja, Matias14661136SLO1575