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Sardinia World Chess Festival - Open C

Last update 04.05.2024 13:40:13, Creator: UniChess,Last Upload: Gerhard Bertagnolli

Player overview for SMR

5Cilenti Giuseppe Maria15740SMR1011½10004,514Open C

Results of the last round for SMR

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Cilenti Giuseppe Maria1574 0 - 1 Schintu Elia1399

Player details for SMR

Cilenti Giuseppe Maria 1574 SMR Rp:1488 Pts. 4,5
118Corvi Giosue` Francesco14370ITA3w 1
220Ferraro Luca01399ITA7s 0
310Buffoni Emilia15370ITA3,5w 1
42Ferrari Fabrizio15950ITA4,5s 1
54Krishnan Vishwanathan15750IND5w ½
612Salis Davide15030ITA5s 1
722Ozdogan Ertan01399TUR8w 0
88Isaia Daniele15480ITA6s 0
925Schintu Elia01399ITA5,5w 0