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Vinkovo 2024

Last update 06.01.2024 20:13:28, Creator/Last Upload: petarlovric88

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Starting rank

1IVKostadinović, Dragan14532026CRO1749ŠK Šahovnica, Garčin
2IVMataić, Antun14572680CRO1739ŠK Slavonac, Bukovlje
3IVKrajnović, Zoran14572621CRO1719ŠK Šahovnica, Garčin
4IVAntolović, Nikica14571820CRO1707Šk Slavonac,Bukovlje
5IVMaratović, Josip14572648CRO1691ŠK Slavonac, Bukovlje
6Perković, Mario14572630CRO1651ŠK Slavonac, Bukovlje
7Čakalović, ZlatkoCRO1600ŠK Slavonac,Bukovlje
8Drmić, MatejCRO1600Šk Slavonac,Bukovlje
9Iličić, Vjekoslav14599082CRO1600ŠK Slavonac,Bukovlje
10Mataić, Pavo14599090CRO1600ŠK Slavonac,Bukovlje
11Opačak, GrgoCRO1600
12Sliško, JuricaCRO1600