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Bodnaruk won the playoff (2.5-1.5)

2023 FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championship Rapid Women

Last update 28.12.2023 16:49:11, Creator/Last Upload: Uzbekistan Chess Federation

Player overview for EST

28IMNarva Mai2351EST0111110½½1½7,5122026,202023 World Rapid Women

Results of the last round for EST

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
11628IMNarva Mai23517 ½ - ½ GMMuzychuk Anna242412

Player details for EST

IM Narva Mai 2351 EST Rp:2429 Pts. 7,5
186WGMAbdulla Khayala2119AZE5s 0-0,7920-15,80
296WFMShukhman Anna2055FID4,5w 10,15203,00
378WIMRudzinska Michalina2144POL4s 10,23204,60
497FMKazarian Anna-Maja2034NED3,5w 10,13202,60
556IMPadmini Rout2255IND5s 10,37207,40
614GMGunina Valentina2412FID8w 10,582011,60
711GMZhu Jiner2431CHN7s 0-0,3920-7,80
81GMJu Wenjun2575CHN8w ½0,28205,60
910IMAssaubayeva Bibisara2436KAZ7w ½0,12202,40
1020IMVaishali Rameshbabu2373IND6s 10,532010,60
1112GMMuzychuk Anna2424UKR7w ½0,10202,00