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ADRC MATA DE BENFICA: Torneio Treino Jovem 21.10.2023

Last update 21.10.2023 13:06:04, Creator/Last Upload: Portuguese Chess Federation (Licence 50)

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Starting rank

1Reis, Pedro Rafael Melo Dos1971026POR1646U18Adrc Mata De Benfica
2Cabral, Guilherme Magalhães1959700POR1547U18Adrc Mata De Benfica
3Nalivaiko, Maksim1963228RUS1540U18Adrc Mata De Benfica
4Stratulat, Rafael1966316POR1244U14Adrc Mata De Benfica
5Santos, Afonso Pereira Navarro De Sous1980254POR1202U14Adrc Mata De Benfica
6Bento, André Ferreira Perdigoto Da Fo1971140POR1106U14Adrc Mata De Benfica
7Rodrigues, João Miguel Galvão Silva1963511POR1038U16Adrc Mata De Benfica
8Bento, Sara Ferreira Perdigoto Da Fon1977180POR1002U12Adrc Mata De Benfica
9Batalha, Francisco Martins PintoPOR0U08Adrc Mata De Benfica
10Bento, Francisca Mendes1969498POR0U10Adrc Mata De Benfica
11Capristano, Tomás Baum1980696POR0U14Adrc Mata De Benfica
12Cunha, Fátima IrisPOR0U08Adrc Mata De Benfica
13Ferreira, Rafael Henrique PuryrychevaPOR0U16Adrc Mata De Benfica
14Mesquita, Diogo LoboPOR0U14Adrc Mata De Benfica
15Oliveira, Guilherme Leal De1972391POR0U10Adrc Mata De Benfica
16Osório, Alexandre Jorge Silkin1970550POR0U16Adrc Mata De Benfica
17Pereira, Leonor Maria Barbosa1975307POR0U08Adrc Mata De Benfica
18Pinto, Henrique Castro Caldeira GuerrPOR0U10Adrc Mata De Benfica