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Hart House October Open - U1200

Last update 23.10.2023 03:40:23, Creator/Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34)

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Starting rank

1Mcnally, Liam178152CAN1198On (Toronto)
2Saimovici, Gabriel175468CAN1175On (Mississauga)
3Kuzin, Stephen167624CAN1172On (Toronto)
4Nishikawa, Boomba178151CAN1167On (Toronto)
5Wang, Edward Shoukai173800CAN1136On (Oakville)
6Fischer, Jacob174508CAN1128On (Tottenham)
7Elgabra, Yahya179520CAN1097On (Toronto)
8Gaspar, Yago175705CAN1081On (Toronto)
9Hui, Tina176179CAN1064On (Toronto)
10Liao, Alex183095CAN1030On (Richmond Hill)
11Grenier, Mathew163058CAN1029On (Brampton)
12Wang, Patrick Yu167464CAN1016On (Toronto)
13Gao, Yiguo169414CAN1006On (Thornhill)
14Knott, Joshua176630CAN1005On (Scarborough)
15Shen, Yuntian (Denis)172778CAN975On (Markham)
16Zhao, Shannon179928CAN936On (Markham)
17Northcote, Bradley178833CAN935On (Mississauga)
18Tan, Jayden Henry179333CAN933On (Mississauga)
19Su, Bo Ruei (Marcus)184338CAN881On (Richmond Hill)
20Thomas, Benjamin183903CAN842On (Toronto)
21Gao, Ian177611CAN836On (Thornhill)
22Yang, Yantao178114CAN822On (Markham)
23Gao, Evan177612CAN776On (Thornhill)
24Delgashev, Victor181511CAN759On (Toronto)
25Bhura, Arham182671CAN594On (Toronto)
26Delgashev, Daniel181513CAN400On (Toronto)
27Angiolella, Peter184710CAN0On (Vaughan)
28Chance, Melody184711CAN0On (Toronto)
29Guitard, Logan177400CAN0On (Grimsby)
30Lu, Joey184319CAN0On (Vaughan)
31Mccarron, Riley184331CAN0On (Oakville)
32Paulley, Andrew174900CAN0On (Waterloo)
33Polyanska, Maria178767CAN0On (Oakville)
34Sethupathy, Magesh184515CAN0On (Toronto)
35Simone, Robert184476CAN0On (Scarborough)
36Xu, Nue184943CAN0