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1. Schülerliga Turnier Kreis Nord Zwettl / Rodl U8

Last update 14.10.2023 17:00:57, Creator/Last Upload: Landesverband Oberösterreich Eloreferat

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Starting rank

1Donets, Tymur1692780AUT825Ask St. Valentin
2Brousseva, Ina1691368AUT0Sv Steyregg
3Farkas, OliverAUT0Ask St. Valentin
4Maureder, ThomasAUT0Sv Haslach
5Raffier, TeoAUT0Traun
6Stadlbauer, MartinAUT0Su Bad Leonfelden
7Traxler, JulianAUT0Sv Haslach