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Liga local 2023

Last update 24.11.2023 20:58:41, Creator/Last Upload: Spanish Chess Federation (Licence 519)

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Starting rank

1Castillo Garcia, Adrian32050992ESP1965
2Garcia Ruano, Juan Carlos22200177ESP1854
3Campos Saez, Sergio54727812ESP1804
4Martinez Herranz, Francisco Jose24598143ESP1748
5Ruiz Martinez, Juan24541451ESP1413
6Gil Gonzalez, Juan Francisco22223487ESP1267
7Villaescusa Martinez, Pedro22247912ESP1227
8Martinez Almendros, Francisco Jose24598151ESP1176
9Campos Saez, Pascual54784751ESP1103
10Hernandez Saez, Antonio94790205ESP1041
11Gonzalez Hernandez, Daniel54784719ESP1038
12Lopez Cuenca, Luis Miguel54712220ESP1026
13Ahmed Hadzhimenhmed, NaimESP0
14Gozalvez Baeza, GuillermoESP0
15Naranjo Jover, RubenESP0
16Revert Garcia, IzanESP0