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Open Rapid 19- 09- 2023 by A.C.C. ΠΑΡΑΒΟΛΟ: 5€

Last update 19.09.2023 20:03:05, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Panopoulos, Ioannis4249968GRE1656
2Masa, Alexandros42114195GRE1555
3Tsampas, Charalampos42137764GRE1444
4Dosso, Federico28583418ITA1411
5Ntampos, Achilleas42159393GRE1301
6Bobos, Anamaria1232266ROU1273
7Perakaki, Makrina-Eirini4265858GRE1242
8Pitsiladis, Nikolaos Na42170460GRE1205
9Nodaras, Christos25837796GRE1098
10Stamatelos, DimitriosGRE0