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Giải Cờ vua trường THPT Chu Văn An mở rộng 2023 Bảng nam THPT

Last update 24.09.2023 06:36:31, Creator/Last Upload: Saigon

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Starting rank

1Cao, Ngọc ThànhCVA012a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
2Đặng, Tiến HọcCVA011a5-Thpt Chu Văn An
3Đào, Trung ThiệnCVA010a6-Thpt Chu Văn An
4Đinh, Ngọc LươngCVA011a1-Thpt Chu Văn An
5Đỗ, Minh TuấnCVA010a2-Thpt Chu Văn An
6Đoàn, Thế NghĩaCVA010a6-Thpt Chu Văn An
7Dương, Đình QuânCVA011a1-Thpt Chu Văn An
8Dương, Khánh DuyCVA010a2-Thpt Chu Văn An
9Dương, Tuấn HảiCVA011a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
10Hoàng, Kỳ AnhCVA010a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
11Lã, Minh VũCVA012a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
12La, Tuấn CườngCVA011a6-Thpt Chu Văn An
13Lê, Minh ĐứcCVA011a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
14Mai, Trung HiếuCVA011a5-Thpt Chu Văn An
15Nguyễn, Bảo HưngCVA011a2-Thpt Chu Văn An
16Nguyễn, Đức LâmCVA011a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
17Nguyễn, Hồng PhiCVA011a2-Thpt Chu Văn An
18Nguyễn, Hữu Nhật MinhCVA011a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
19Nguyễn, Hữu Nhật QuangCVA011a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
20Nguyễn, Minh NguyênCVA010a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
21Nguyễn, Ngọc ĐứcCVA011a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
22Nguyễn, Ngọc TuấnCVA011a6-Thpt Chu Văn An
23Nguyễn, Nhật MinhCVA011a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
24Nguyễn, Quốc HùngCVA011a7-Thpt Chu Văn An
25Nguyễn, Tất ThắngCVA011a7-Thpt Chu Văn An
26Nguyễn, Thái HoàngCVA011a5-Thpt Chu Văn An
27Phạm, Minh TuấnCVA010a7-Thpt Chu Văn An
28Phan, Huy An LươngCVA010a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
29Phan, Huy Tuấn GiangCVA010a1-Thpt Chu Văn An
30Trần, Nguyên KhôiCVA011a3-Thpt Chu Văn An
31Trần, Quang MinhCVA011a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
32Trần, Vũ Duy AnhCVA010a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
33Triệu, Xuân AnhCVA010a1-Thpt Chu Văn An
34Võ, Hiền HòaCVA010a4-Thpt Chu Văn An
35Vũ, Đức DũngCVA010a4-Thpt Chu Văn An