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Sällskapets Höstturnering 2023 grupp B

Senast uppdaterad12.12.2023 22:27:41, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schacksallskap

Lista över spelare

8Kyhle, Bo1701150SWE2089
5AIMBrodin, Leo1713485SWE1848
7Ranby, Hans1710311SWE1838
2Evertsson, Rune1704184SWE1815
10Lindh, Stefan1706276SWE1811
3CMHelin, Mikael1703838SWE1801
6Hahne, Christofer1742981SWE1788
9Brolin, Viktor1727699SWE1778
4Viklund, Dick1710745SWE1762
1Knoppel, Bjorn1712233SWE1549