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$10,000 en premios + Trofeos. Cupos Limitados
Info: 376509426 (WhatsApp)

IRT Rápido "Las Mayer"

Last update 23.09.2023 18:22:38, Creator/Last Upload: FADA – Comision Tecnica Argentina

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Starting rank

1CMJimenez, Joaquin109860ARG2223FeMidA
2Coronel, Santiago180092ARG1674Peones y Alfiles
3Marchak, Miguel20027001ARG1656FeMidA
4Prado, Mateo191442ARG1602FeMidA
5Ringeloth, Walter197521ARG1551FeMidA
6Gall, Francisco193410ARG1500FeMidA
7Jimenez, Maria Jose199273ARG1430FeMidA
8Mazur, Genaro193437ARG1398FeMidA
9Mayer, Melissa20005334ARG1303FeMidA
10Rios, Thiago20023910ARG1301FeMidA
11Correa, Jorge Mauricio20034601ARG1267FeMidA
12Kala, John20036302ARG1201FeMidA
13Ferreyra Reimann, Xiomara20020821ARG1182FeMidA
14Correa, Julian Ignacio20026951ARG1146FeMidA
15De Sousa, Ezequiel193496ARG1116FeMidA
16Gauna, Gabriel EmanuelARG0FeMidA
17Koch Haseitel, SaraARG0FeMidA