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Bgld. Jugendschachrallye Pamhagen Gruppe A

Last update 02.09.2023 18:34:30, Creator/Last Upload: SV Pamhagen

Starting rank list of players

6Schmied, Hagen Matthias1683403AUT1400Sk Alpine Trofaiach
5Mushynskyi, Emmanuil1691171AUT1231Sk Alpine Trofaiach
1Aichinger, Johannes1675362AUT1180Sk Hietzing
7Slavskyi, MaksymUKR1086Schachklub Kittsee
3Lahl, Sophie1683209AUT970Sk Parndorf
4Meissl, Patrick1671405AUT943Sk Bad Sauerbrunn
2Lahl, Marc1683217AUT879Sk Parndorf
8Yampolsky, Benjamin1689444AUT852Sk Parndorf