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Last update 03.09.2023 10:45:06, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1LAI HONG JUN1626152b1 72w1 36b1 16w1 8b1 29w1 6b1 2w½7,5039,542
2CARSON GOH EU ZIEN1446177b1 30w1 13b1 7w1 3b1 6w½ 26b1 1b½704446
3TAN KHAI BOON1684 94w1122b1 18w1 62b1 2w0 25b1 17w1 8b17038,541,5
4NOOR AHMAD FAZILAH BIN MOHAMD SAHID0150w1 48b0 67w1 40b1 21w1 23b1 25w1 10b17037,540
5CHONG MING EE1430 88b1 80w1 95b1 26w0 47b1 13w1 14b1 9w17036,540,5
6ANTHONY LIONG1581126w1 43b1 22w1 46b1 10w1 2b½ 1w0 26b16,504245
7CHEAH JOR WII1365166w1 63b1 40w1 2b0122w1 12b1 11w1 15b½6,5037,539,5
8LAI GUAN CHENG1431105w1 45b1 21w1 12b1 1w0 22b1 38w1 3w06042,546,5
9RAMESH RAMAKRISHNAN1443106w1 39b0155w1 28b1 20w1 18b1 19w1 5b06039,541,5
10KEVIN SIM ZI KANG1435145b1117w1 34b1 14w1 6b0 36w1 29b1 4w0603841
11AGNES CHONG KAI NI1547 71b1128w1 64b1 50w1 29b0 32w1 7b0 28w1603639
12DEREK POR WEI HENG1297140b1 75w1 15b1 8w0 68b1 7w0 83b1 29w1603639
13JAYDEN YEOH XIN YUAN1301 31w1108b1 2w0 66b1129w1 5b0 78w1 33b16035,538,5
14CLANICE OOI QZI YANN1359100w1 99b1 39w1 10b0 79w1 72b1 5w0 42b1603539
15LEE WEI HONG1427130w1 66b1 12w0 37b½ 63w1 65b1 62w1 7w½603538
16AUSTIN WEIBIN CHEAH1398136w1 91b1 42w1 1b0 52w1 38b0 72w1 53b1603538
17YEOH WEI SHEN1374112b1 73w0110b1 80w1 30b1 34w1 3b0 54w16033,536,5
18TAN RYAN1331132w1107b1 3b0 86w1 77b1 9w0 84b1 43w16033,536,5
19ABBY TAN LI SHUEN1356146b1133w1 44b1 25w0 31b1 73w1 9b0 34w16032,535,5
20LIM CHEN TEIK1265 74w0163b1138w1 41b1 9b0 35w1 37b1 32w1603234
21AIDEN TAN ZHI ZHEN1299149b1 93w1 8b0123w1 4b0 85w1 77b1 31w1603234
22MASON YEOH MING XUN1315165b1123w1 6b0109w1 83b1 8w0 73b1 30w1603234
23ANGAD DEV SINGH1344 75b0140w1131b1 84w1 35b1 4w0 81b1 51w16031,534,5
24BRYAN LOO KAI JUE1224160b1 29w0 35b0147w1156b1 49w1 36b1 38b1603132,5
25ONG EL WIN1452180w+ 81b1 38w1 19b1 27w½ 3w0 4b0 64w15,503942,5
26JANICE LIM1347142w1113b1 76w1 5b1 62w½ 27b1 2w0 6w05,503841
27LEONG KHAI SHEN1425137b1 89w1 47b1 32w1 25b½ 26w0 28b0 69w15,5034,537,5
28KHAW EASON1334144b1120w1 37b½ 9w0 70b1 82w1 27w1 11b05,503437
29YVONNE YEOH XIN YING1422138w1 24b1 53w1 74b1 11w1 1b0 10w0 12b05040,543,5
30YEOH JAY SHENG1244104w1 2b0132w1 55b1 17w0 41b1 46w1 22b0503841
31BENJAMIN TAY LEE HERNG0 13b0185w+ 45w1 42b1 19w0 58b1 60w1 21b0503841
32ANBAN THIRUMAMANI1336153w1103b1 41w1 27b0 33w1 11b0 39w1 20b05036,539
33CHANG JIA CHEN FLITZ0 34b0 54w1 89b1 51w1 32b0 57w1 52b1 13w05035,539,5
34MU'TAZ BIN AZMAN1289 33w1124b1 10w0 91b1 37w1 17b0 74w1 19b05035,538,5
35CHEAH CHIN BOON0178w+ 42b0 24w1 58b1 23w0 20b0122w1 95w15035,538,5
36DANIEL WOO KEN LAM1319121w1155b1 1w0 81b1 74w1 10b0 24w0 62b15035,537,5
37ZAHORINGE BIN BASIRAN0 -1114b1 28w½ 15w½ 34b0 45b1 20w0 87w1503538,5
38RIFQI BIN AZMAN1304169b1 90w1 25b0127w1 44b1 16w1 8b0 24w05034,536,5
39BEE KANG HENG1238102b1 9w1 14b0 64w0 92b1116w1 32b0 96w15033,537
40IAN PHUAH ZHENG CE1259 92b1 49w1 7b0 4w0151b1 77w0125b1 83w15033,536
41IAN HO MIN HAO0 52b1 70w1 32b0 20w0 80b1 30w0 89b1 81w1503337
42CHEW ZHENG RUI1273115b1 35w1 16b0 31w0 93b1 75w1 82b1 14w0503336,5
43WILLIAM DINH PHIPP1244111b1 6w0 75b1 82w0108b1 96w1 55w1 18b0503336,5
44MOHD MAULANA MAULANI0 87w1 98b1 19w0 48b1 38w0122b1 53w0 72b1503336
45TAN HONG SHEN1235 97b1 8w0 31b0 49w1135b1 37w0 92b1 82w1503235
46CHONG ROU YI1365147b1109w1 65b1 6w0 73b0 86w1 30b0 93w15031,534,5
47NORJAYADI BIN JAMIL1260134w1129b1 27w0 59b1 5w0 74b0126w1 76b15031,534,5
48CHAN TECK HAW1260170b1 4w1 50b0 44w0125b0111w1 88b1 77w15031,533,5
49YEW CHANG JIN0 85w1 40b0107w1 45b0 91w1 24b0103w1114b1503134,5
50MUHD FARHI AZMAN1393139w1 67b1 48w1 11b0 72w0 78b0107w1 79b1503134
51KUAN RHE ANNE1273 76w0115b1106w1 33b0110w1124b1 56w1 23b0503134
52LIM HOWE LUONG1251 41w0171b1136w1156b+ 16b0 97b1 33w0 74b1503133
53CHAN JING YING1279158b1 78w1 29b0 90w1 82b0125w1 44b1 16w05030,532,5
54BUN SEM A/L ARIAM1298108w0 33b0118w1112b1113w1 79b1 76w1 17b05029,532,5
55DANNY TEH1396151b1 86w1 74b0 30w0123b1 87w1 43b0 73w1502931,5
56TAN YONG XIN ERNEST0123b0169w1 93b1 72w0109b1101w1 51b0 80w15027,529,5
57NAMELESWARAN SANGARA NANDA1280124w0159b1 94w1 63b½ 76w½ 33b0131w1 78b15027,529,5
58WOON RU JIA1273163b1 74w0 88b1 35w0131b1 31w0 85b1 75w15027,529,5
59LOCK XING HE0 84b0151w1133b1 47w0 87b0 90w1127b1101w15026,529
60MAXX GOH RYAN1321 78b0158w1 85b1 73w0 90b1127w1 31b0 86w15026,528,5
61WON JUN HYUK0155w0 79b0 -1139w1127b0152w1123b1 84w1502224
62SAW LIANG KAI1402125b1 84w1 73b1 3w0 26b½ 64w1 15b0 36w04,503639
63WONG ZHI CHENG1196 68b1 7w0 96b1 57w½ 15b0 69w0111b1116w14,503437,5
64LIM CHUAN BENZ1305 79w1110b1 11w0 39b1 65w½ 62b0 66w1 25b04,5033,537
65KEE LEE EE0101b1157b1 46w0 95w1 64b½ 15w0 69b0109w14,503235,5
66ANG BING YU1229168b1 15w0108b1 13w0111b½ 71w1 64b0115w14,5031,533,5
67ISAAC CHUAH YAO XU1201 96b1 50w0 4b0 75w0142b1146w1 68b½108w14,503134
68RAYMOND NATHAN0 63w0100b1 99w1114b1 12w0 81b0 67w½107b14,5030,534
69LAM SHUN HIM1276159w1 76b0126w1 79b0107w½ 63b1 65w1 27b04,502931
70AMBERT CHAN WYE ZHE1267171w1 41b0130w1 76b½ 28w0107b0119w1110b14,502830
71FOONG KAI XUAN1165 11w0 83b0174w1119b½118w1 66b0149w1117b14,502727,5
72TEOH KOK LIANG1248119w1 1b0112w1 56b1 50b1 14w0 16b0 44w0403841
73LIM KAI JUN1211156w1 17b1 62w0 60b1 46w1 19b0 22w0 55b04037,541
74EMILY NEOH SZE LING0 20b1 58b1 55w1 29w0 36b0 47w1 34b0 52w0403640,5
75KENDRICK CHU YAO QUAN1125 23w1 12b0 43w0 67b1114w1 42b0 98w1 58b04035,539
76CH'NG ZI YEE0 51b1 69w1 26b0 70w½ 57b½ 95w1 54b0 47w04034,538,5
77CHUA KEAT HONG0157w0101w1 87b1 98b1 18w0 40b1 21w0 48b0403438
78ENG ZHONG YAN1073 60w1 53b0 81w0 99b1128b1 50w1 13b0 57w0403437
79AWANG NAQIB NAQIUDDIN BIN AWANG IKZM0 64b0 61w1117b1 69w1 14b0 54w0128b1 50w0403336
80TEH XIN MING1233141w1 5b0149w1 17b0 41w0112b1104w1 56b0403335
81SHE SHUEN FEI1240172b1 25w0 78b1 36w0115b1 68w1 23w0 41b0403334,5
82TEOH YU MING0107w0121b1113w1 43b1 53w1 28b0 42w0 45b04032,536
83JAVIER YEOH ZHI JI0128b0 71w1150w1157b1 22w0 98b1 12w0 40b04032,535
84DELIISHAA A/P SURESH KUMAR1224 59w1 62b0124w1 23b0143w1129b1 18w0 61b0403235
85LAM CHI KIN1179 49b0 92w1 60w0134b1157w+ 21b0 58w0143b14031,534,5
86RYAN TEOH ZHEN HAO1220183w1 55b0119w1 18b0148w1 46b0141w1 60b0403134
87HEWSON YEOH HO XUN1220 44b0161w1 77w0121b1 59w1 55b0 97w1 37b0403133
88LIM JUN DI1155 5w0176b1 58w0104b1 98w0150b1 48w0122b14030,531
89LIM DEE XUAN1225143w1 27b0 33w0132b1 97w0100b1 41w0124b14029,532,5
90NG KHAI JUIN1185181w+ 38b0148w1 53b0 60w0 59b0144w1141b14029,532,5
91SAMUEL WOO KEN YUN1207173b1 16w0102b1 34w0 49b0151w1 96b0125w14029,532
92HIRFIY BIN AZMAN0 40w0 85b0105w1 94b1 39w0155b1 45w0131b14029,531,5
93YAP YIT CHERN1184184w1 21b0 56w0159b1 42w0164b1129w1 46b04029,531,5
94EASON TAN1176 3b0162w1 57b0 92w0140b1135w1 95b0134w1402930,5
95KAARTHIK A/L VEJAYENINDREN1263174w1164b1 5w0 65b0130w1 76b0 94w1 35b0402929,5
96PAVITHRAN A/L MAGESWARAN0 67w0166b1 63w0136b1150w1 43b0 91w1 39b04028,530,5
97KHOO ZHENG SIANG0 45w0130b0100w1138b1 89b1 52w0 87b0127w14027,530,5
98LYON TAN1264161b1 44w0125b1 77w0 88b1 83w0 75b0137w1402729
99TAN JEAN HENG1190167b1 14w0 68b0 78w0132b1108w0146b1139w1402728,5
100LEONG JIA SHEN1131 14b0 68w0 97b0160w1173b1 89w0133b1128w1402728,5
101KIM JUNSEO1239 65w0 77b0171w1142b1149w1 56b0124w1 59b04026,528,5
102KHOO SY HWA0 39w0105b1 91w0130b0136w1118b0138w1126b14025,528,5
103LYE ZHI QUAN1186154b1 32w0116b0108w0165b1134w1 49b0132w14025,527,5
104JUSTIN TEOH JUN YI0 30b0145w1127b0 88w0137b1133w1 80b0123w1402528
105TAN YU QUEN1158 8b0102w0 92b0144w1134b0165w1162b1135w1402526,5
106LUCAS TENG YWEN JOON1158 9b0172w1 51b0135w0161b1128w0158b1129w1402425,5
107RICHARD DINH PHIPP1184 82b1 18w0 49b0158w1 69b½ 70w1 50b0 68w03,5033,535,5
108BRAEDEN SIA EE SVEN0 54b1 13w0 66w0103b1 43w0 99b1114w½ 67b03,503336,5
109TEE E SERN1207175w1 46b0111w1 22b0 56w0149b½118w1 65b03,5029,530
110CHIN ZHENG ZE1179185b1 64w0 17w0161b1 51b0162w1116b½ 70w03,502930,5
111JAYDEN PANG0 43w0177w1109b0126b1 66w½ 48b0 63w0153b13,502830
112HENG WOOI KIANG1145 17w0183b+ 72b0 54w0168b1 80w0150b1113b½3,502830
113LIM YURVAN1187116b1 26w0 82b0165w1 54b0115w0142b1112w½3,5027,529,5
114LEE KA LONG1248162b1 37w0139b1 68w0 75b0145w1108b½ 49w03,5027,529
115CHLOE POON ROU YI0 42w0 51w0167b1155b1 81w0113b1117w½ 66b03,5027,529
116TAN KAI SHENG0113w0153b1103w1122b0119w1 39b0110w½ 63b03,502729,5
117GUI ZI XUAN1235176w1 10b0 79w0153b1124w0130b1115b½ 71w03,5026,527
118SEBASTIAN QUAH WEI LIANG0133b0144w½ 54b0154w1 71b0102w1109b0152w13,5025,528
119IMAN HAZIQ BIN RIJAL FAHMI0 72b0152w1 86b0 71w½116b0154w1 70b0151w13,5025,528
120CHEAH TONG LUO1188148w1 28b0156w0124b0121w1141b0153w½149b13,502426
121PHUAH JIA YEN1018 36b0 82w0160b1 87w0120b0168w1152b½154w13,5023,525
122DYLAN TEH WEI LUN1246135b1 3w0146b1116w1 7b0 44w0 35b0 88w03033,536,5
123ISAAC ZU-QING LOH1186 56w1 22b0164w1 21b0 55w0143b1 61w0104b03033,535,5
124CHEAH JIN HAN0 57b1 34w0 84b0120w1117b1 51w0101b0 89w03030,534
125CHANA CHA XING THONG1152 62w0143b1 98w0141b1 48w1 53b0 40w0 91b03030,533,5
126JOSHUA KHOO KAH YANG1167 6b0135w1 69b0111w0158b1156w1 47b0102w0303032
127WONG CHIN YING1199164w0174b1104w1 38b0 61w1 60b0 59w0 97b03029,530
128SHIMPEI KAJIYA1245 83w1 11b0142w1129b0 78w0106b1 79w0100b0302932
129YEOH JIA BAO0131b1 47w0144b1128w1 13b0 84w0 93b0106b0302932
130ADRIANM YEUN WAI YEUNG1153 15b0 97w1 70b0102w1 95b0117w0134b0169w1302931
131CHLOE GOH1179129w0134b1 23w0170b1 58w0148b1 57b0 92w0302931
132LIM XUE ROU1089 18b0154w1 30b0 89w0 99w0167b1155w1103b03027,529
133YEOH RUI ER1193118w1 19b0 59w0149b0153w1104b0100w0159b1302729
134GOH FAY JINN0 47b0131w0145b1 85w0105w1103b0130w1 94b03026,529,5
135JADEN LIM WEI JIE0122w0126b0166w1106b1 45w0 94b0136w1105b0302628
136CHONG TZE IAN1151 16b0160w1 52b0 96w0102b0140w1135b0162w1302627,5
137WOON FOO MING1153 27w0141b1157w0143b0104w0159b1160w1 98b03025,527
138CAYDEN THE JUEN KHAI1152 29b0168w1 20b0 97w0162b0169w1102b0158w1302526,5
139ALEX ZU-YANG LOH1146 50b0173w1114w0 61b0141w0171b1164w1 99b03024,526,5
140BRENDEN JAMES0 12w0 23b0143w0175b1 94w0136b0176w1155b13024,525
141KUA HOONG YEE0 80b0137w0169b1125w0139b1120w1 86b0 90w0302426
142CONNIE LEE1127 26b0167w1128b0101w0 67w0175b1113w0164b1302424,5
143LEONG KAR VEY0 89b0125w0140b1137w1 84b0123w0145b1 85w03023,526,5
144TAN JIAN HAO1112 28w0118b½129w0105b0163b½161w1 90b0168w13023,525,5
145MARISSA AZ ZAHRA BT HAMZAH1158 10w0104b0134w0172b1170w1114b0143w0161b13023,525
146EUI WEI HOWE1129 19w0175b1122w0150b0167w1 67b0 99w0160b1302323,5
147ENG SHI CHANG1131 46w0156b0172w1 24b0164w0170b½166w½167b1302223,5
148TAN JIAN MING0120b0165w1 90b0163w1 86b0131w0151b½150w½302123
149BOSCO NG ZHEN YU0 21w0184b+ 80b0133w1101b0109w½ 71b0120w02,5028,531,5
150ARRCHANNA A/P KUMAR1215 4b0170w1 83b0146w1 96b0 88w0112w0148b½2,502830

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)