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Saint Charbel Chess Cup 2023 (BLITZ) Blitz Event for Drawing procedure

Last update 04.09.2023 18:42:41, Creator/Last Upload: Lviv Region CF

Starting rank list of players

1GMBeliavsky, Alexander G14602377SLO2478
2IMSzpar, Milosz1184989POL2434
3GMVetoshko, Volodymyr14122480UKR2422
4IMBorsuk, Konstantin14113406UKR2406
5IMBakhmatsky, Vladislav14124890UKR2391
6GMStarostits, Ilmars11600748LAT2329
7FMHaydon, David L415405ENG2326
8IMMosesov, Danyil14149494UKR2295
9FMSakun, Volodymyr14114062UKR2286
10FMFishchuk, Vladyslav34122117UKR1954