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„შავი ზღვის დელფინი – 2023“ ბლიც ტურნირი 8 წლამდე

Last update 21.08.2023 10:23:47, Creator/Last Upload: Georgian Chess Clubs

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Starting rank

1Kvaratskhelia, Giorgi13641735GEO1297
2Metreveli, Gabriel13637029GEO1060
3Akopashvili, Andria13643681GEO0
4Arutinian, AnriGEO0
5Bagrationi, Liza13643703GEO0
6Basiladze, Andria13643720GEO0
7Berishvili, Alexandre13638114GEO1188
8Bolkvadze, SabaGEO0
9Goguadze, Mariam13641662GEO0
10Lozovych, Milanika34183710UKR0
11Soselia, EvaGEO0
12Tsintsadze, Tevdore13643860GEO0