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PCA Rapid Open

Last update 09.07.2023 12:37:37, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Poh Yu Tian1981 66b1 48w1 8b1 4w1 6b1 2w1 3b1 7w1804545,00
2Looi Xin Hao1772 60w1 27b1 11w1 21b1 7w1 1b0 23w1 4b½6,5045,534,25
3Tan Jun Ying2089 79w1 33b1 5w½ 18b1 14w1 13b1 1w0 6w16,504533,25
4Ian Yong Je Pin1346 61w1 53b1 23w1 1b0 21w1 9b1 13w1 2w½6,504432,75
5Ryan Lee1397 59w1 73b1 3b½ 38w1 13b0 35w1 15b1 14b16,5039,530,75
6Lim Feng Wei1524 56w1 47b1 44w1 9b1 1w0 11b1 12w1 3b06045,530,50
7Lim Wei Yang1535 75b1 45w1 30b1 35w1 2b0 8w1 22b1 1b0604328,50
8Carson Goh Eu Zien1393 58w1 68b1 1w0 52b1 27w1 7b0 32w1 23b16040,526,50
9Kevin Sim Zi Kang1416 69b1 17w1 50b1 6w0 48b1 4w0 28b1 26w16039,527,00
10ONG EL WIN1432 78w1 29b1 18w½ 41b1 24w½ 12b0 27w1 25b1603927,50
11Ramesh Ramakrishnan1396 80b1 55w1 2b0 28w1 50b1 6w0 31b1 22w16038,526,00
12Koay Cong Sean1255110b+ 14w0 64b1 43b1 49w1 10w1 6b0 21b1603529,00
13Koay Yu Hang1441 70w1 32b1 19w1 24b½ 5w1 3w0 4b0 36b15,504327,50
14Soh Weing Chiong1409 83w1 12b1 41w½ 15b1 3b0 42w1 37b1 5w05,504125,25
15Lincoln Chan Zhen Jie1437 40b1 51w1 38b½ 14w0 29w1 36b1 5w0 41b15,503924,75
16Chin Chee Boon1390 87b1 26w0 79b1 51w1 35b½ 17w1 20w0 29b15,5035,522,75
17Chong Rou Yi1255 99w1 9b0 57w1 36b½ 44w1 16b0 43w1 37w15,5035,521,25
18Janice Lim1278112b+ 22w1 10b½ 3w0 69b1 37w0 39b1 38w15,5034,525,50
19Lim Yi Zhe1292 90w1 77b1 13b0 26w1 22b0 86w1 40b1 20w½5,5034,521,00
20Brighton Tan Ze Hao1457111b+ 31b1 24w0 32b0 82w1 51w1 16b1 19b½5,503325,25
21Choo Ting Yong1429 72b1 42w1 26b1 2w0 4b0 55w1 45b1 12w05040,521,50
22Vesyal Arulsyankar A/L Shashi Kumar1479 82w1 18b0 54w1 31b1 19w1 24b1 7w0 11b0504022,50
23Choo Ting Han1520 67b1 34w1 4b0 47w1 76b1 30w1 2b0 8w0504021,00
24Chua Siang-Zhe1317 74w1 25b1 20b1 13w½ 10b½ 22w0 26b0 50w15039,523,25
25William Dinh Phipp1180 39b1 24w0 28b0108w1 47b1 34w1 42b1 10w0503620,00
26She shuen fei1232 81w1 16b1 21w0 19b0 97w1 49b1 24w1 9b0503619,50
27MAXX GOH RYAN1287100b1 2w0 40b1 77w1 8b0 50w1 10b0 55w1503617,50
28SAMUEL PHUN WEI XEN1274 77w0 74b1 25w1 11b0 59w1 53b1 9w0 57b15035,520,50
29Lim Jing Hong1258101b1 10w0 87b1 39w1 15b0 48w1 30b1 16w05035,518,50
30Danny Teh1349104w1 54b1 7w0 68b1 32w1 23b0 29w0 52b15034,518,50
31Lim Wei Hao1272103b1 20w0 63b1 22w0 56b1 67w1 11w0 49b1503417,50
32MANISH A/L DHANPAL RAJKUMAR1264109b1 13w0 80b1 20w1 30b0 76w1 8b0 48w15033,516,00
33Yeoh Yuan Qi1292 96b1 3w0 67b1 50w0 60b1 40w0 56b1 51w1503318,00
34Jayden Yeoh Xin Yuan1283 98w1 23b0 78w1 49b0 83w1 25b0 59w1 54b1503016,00
35Moshigen A/L Krishnan1147 43w1 76b1 46w1 7b0 16w½ 5b0 36w0 73b14,503818,25
36Chong Hui Yi1348 64b1 50w0 66b1 17w½ 38b1 15w0 35b1 13w04,503719,25
37Desmond Voon1372 57w1 46b½ 49w0 95b1 41w1 18b1 14w0 17b04,503618,25
38Anban Thirumamani1253102w1 49b1 15w½ 5b0 36w0 70b1 44w1 18b04,503616,75
39Wong Chin Yee1426 25w0 61b1 53w1 29b0 70w½ 46b1 18w0 68b14,503517,75
40MEENA DARSINI A/P RAMESH1188 15w0 98b1 27w0 84b1 52w1 33b1 19w0 45w½4,5034,516,25
41Teoh Kok Liang0 52w1 94b1 14b½ 10w0 37b0 71w1 76b1 15w04,5034,515,75
42Daniel Woo Ken Lam1258 97w1 21b0 58w1 44b½ 46w1 14b0 25w0 72b14,503416,25
43Manresh Singh1332 35b0 71w1 60b1 12w0 66b½ 69w1 17b0 67w14,503416,25
44Imran Ahmad bin Hamzah1350 93b1 86w1 6b0 42w½ 17b0 66w1 38b0 71w14,5033,515,25
45AIDEN TAN ZHI ZHEN1283 92w1 7b0 70w0 57b1 78w1 54b1 21w0 40b½4,503316,25
46IVIE YONG YEE XIN1233 89b1 37w½ 35b0 71w1 42b0 39w0 94b1 69w14,5030,514,25
47Angad Dev Singh1283108b1 6w0 72b1 23b0 25w0 94w1 67b½ 66w14,5030,512,75
48OOI TSE XUAN1288 62w1 1b0 82w1 70b1 9w0 29b0 53w1 32b04038,514,50
49Yvonne Yeoh Xin Ying1409 63b1 38w0 37b1 34w1 12b0 26w0 60b1 31w0403817,50
50Ian Phuah Zheng Ce1212 85w1 36b1 9w0 33b1 11w0 27b0 81w1 24b04037,515,00
51OOI TSE JIA1272 84w1 15b0 83w1 16b0 58w1 20b0 78w1 33b04034,513,00
52YEAP YONG ZHE1230 41b0 65w1 91b1 8w0 40b0 87w1 63b1 30w0403414,00
53Sim Jee Wayne1211 91b1 4w0 39b0 64w1 77b1 28w0 48b0 80w1403313,00
54Chew Zheng Rui1212 88b1 30w0 22b0 87w1 63b1 45w0 80b1 34w04032,513,00
55WOON RU JIA1247105w1 11b0 62w1 76b0 61w1 21b0 83w1 27b0403212,50
56CHUAH QI FENG1195 6b0108w1 76w0 62b1 31w0 61b1 33w0 81b14031,512,50
57Keng Kai Shin1155 37b0 88w1 17b0 45w0100b1 79w1 86b1 28w04030,511,00
58DONATUS KAM KEN JIAN1163 8b0 89w1 42b0 91w1 51b0 68b0 92w1 76w1403011,50
59Yeoh Leighton1169 5b0 95w0103b1 88w1 28b0 85w1 34b0 84w1403010,50
60Kugharuban a/l R. Vamadevan1199 2b0100w1 43w0 90b1 33w0104b1 49w0 77b1403010,00
61heng wooi yong1148 4b0 39w0101b1 79w1 55b0 56w0102b1 86w1402910,00
62OOI YEE YUN1100 48b0 75w1 55b0 56w0 91b1 72w0 88b1 79w1402812,50
63Tan Teck Chow1173 49w0 99b1 31w0 81b1 54w0 77b1 52w0 89b1402810,00
64EDRINA KHOO LYNYUET1148 36w0106b1 12w0 53b0102w1 82b1 73w0 78b14027,59,00
65Isaac Lau Zi Xuan1127 76w0 52b0 84w0 99b1 89w1 78b0 97w1 83b140239,00
66LIM HAN JAY1201 1w0 90b1 36w0 74b1 43w½ 44b0 70w1 47b03,503612,25
67ALIVIA NG QIAN WEN1192 23w0 92b1 33w0 98b1 68w1 31b0 47w½ 43b03,5032,510,75
68CHUAH RU MING1238 95b1 8w0 85b1 30w0 67b0 58w1 72b½ 39w03,503210,75
69JAYESH A/L SANTHEESVARAN1178 9w0 97b½ 94w1 73b1 18w0 43b0 82w1 46b03,5031,510,00
70Lim Si Yu1189 13b0109w1 45b1 48w0 39b½ 38w0 66b0 95w13,5030,510,25
71Dylan Oo Zhi Han1236 94w½ 43b0 81w1 46b0 95w1 41b0 74w1 44b03,5029,510,25
72Richard Dinh Phipp1181 21w0 84b1 47w0 97b0 98w1 62b1 68w½ 42w03,5028,510,75
73Belle Tan Liang Yi1248107b1 5w0 95b½ 69w0 94b0106w1 64b1 35w03,5026,57,25
74Heng Wooi Kiang1132 24b0 28w0107b1 66w0106b½ 75w1 71b0 94w13,50267,50
75Ashton Teoh Eu Thyn1198 7w0 62b0 97w½ 94b0105w1 74b0107w1 85b13,5024,56,00
76Sim Jee Zach1296 65b1 35w0 56b1 55w1 23w0 32b0 41w0 58b0303512,00
77HERNANDEZ CHONG JIA HAO0 28b1 19w0 86b1 27b0 53w0 63w0 87b1 60w03033,511,00
78JACK WONG1186 10b0101w1 34b0100w1 45b0 65w1 51b0 64w03031,58,00
79ALAINA PHUN JIA YING1203 3b0 96w1 16w0 61b0 92w1 57b0 98w1 62b03031,57,50
80Hazel Siak Hui Shuang1167 11w0102b1 32w0 85b0 84w1 97b1 54w0 53b030297,00
81Tan Yee Wern0 26b0 93w1 71b0 63w0 96b1 95w1 50b0 56w03028,58,00
82NG JUN XIANG1191 22b0103w1 48b0 96w1 20b0 64w0 69b0 98w13028,56,50
83ADAM DANNY ANAQI BIN AHMAD FAIDZAL1173 14b0107w1 51b0106w1 34b0 88w1 55b0 65w03028,55,00
84JAYVEN WOON MYNN EN0 51b0 72w0 65b1 40w0 80b0 93w1104w1 59b030289,00
85Yap Joon Ming0 50b0 -1 68w0 80w1 86b0 59b0 90w1 75w030288,50
86CHUAH JIA CHENG1215106w1 44b0 77w0104b1 85w1 19b0 57w0 61b03027,55,50
87IGNACY CIESLINSKI1156 16w0105b1 29w0 54b0101w1 52b0 77w0 97b13027,55,50
88WAI YAN YIN0 54w0 57b0 92w1 59b0 90w1 83b0 62w0104b130278,00
89SHERLYN NEOH XUELIN0 46w0 58b0 90w0 -1 65b0108w1100b1 63w030276,00
90Jayven Foo Jing Hao1127 19b0 66w0 89b1 60w0 88b0103w1 85b0 99w130266,00
91YEW WEI QUEN0 53w0104b1 52w0 58b0 62w0 98b0101b1100w130246,00
92BRANDON LEE GOMEZ0 45b0 67w0 88b0107w1 79b0101w1 58b0102w13023,55,00
93Raeden Goh Rui Chen1155 44w0 81b0 98w0101b0109w1 84b0106b1103w13019,54,00
94Ryan Teoh Zhen Hao0 71b½ 41w0 69b0 75w1 73w1 47b0 46w0 74b02,50318,75
95Owen Beh Wei Jun0 68w0 59b1 73w½ 37w0 71b0 81b0 96w1 70b02,50288,25
96Ooi Zhao Yang1126 33w0 79b0 99w1 82b0 81w0107b½ 95b0106w12,5021,53,00
97Lucas Lee Xuan Le0 42b0 69w½ 75b½ 72w1 26b0 80w0 65b0 87w020307,00
98Fan Yan Zhe0 34b0 40w0 93b1 67w0 72b0 91w1 79b0 82b02028,56,00
99MICHELLE SANTHANA0 17b0 63w0 96b0 65w0103b0 -1108w1 90b02026,53,00
100AMOS TIE SING CHEUN0 27w0 60b0102w1 78b0 57w0105b1 89w0 91b020263,50
101Marissa Az Zahra bt Hamzah0 29w0 78b0 61w0 93w1 87b0 92b0 91w0107b12025,54,00
102Muhammad Hakim Al-Hafiz bin Mohammad Az0 38b0 80w0100b0103w1 64b0109b1 61w0 92b020243,00
103Ian Tan Kit0 31w0 82b0 59w0102b0 99w1 90b0105w1 93b020243,00
104TAY JUN CHEN1155 30b0 91w0109b1 86w0108b1 60w0 84b0 88w020242,50
105OOI JUN YAN0 55b0 87w0108b0109w1 75b0100w0103b0 -12021,52,50
106WAI YAN JUN0 86b0 64w0 -1 83b0 74w½ 73b0 93w0 96b01,5026,52,75
107Muhammad Zafran Mifzal bin Mohd Asywad0 73w0 83b0 74w0 92b0 -1 96w½ 75b0101w01,50252,25
108CHIRU SICK ING BING0 47w0 56b0105w1 25b0104w0 89b0 99b0109w½1,50242,00
109Keng Kai Ern0 32w0 70b0104w0105b0 93b0102w0 -1108b½1,50231,75
110Mohammad Ariff Arrian bin Mohd Faisal0 12w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000340,00
111Muhammad Musa Bin Mohamad Faizal1190 20w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00033,50,00
Goy Shuh Xin0 18w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00033,50,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable