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Torbay Chess Congress (55th) - Major U1950

Last update 13.11.2023 14:01:39, Creator/Last Upload: Tony Tatam

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Starting rank

1Ingham, H William173310ENG1913Teignmouth
2Thynne, Trefor F120405ENG1894Newton Abbot
3Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H157349ENG1887Plymouth
4Waters, Andrew C103615ENG1884Rainham (Kent)
5Conway, Alex274043ENG1877Wellington (Somerset)
6Johnson, Richard J156417ENG1872Bristol Grendel
7Gosling, Brian GE111446ENG1870East Budleigh
8Stanier, John315792ENG1870 -
9George, Ian M111152ENG1869Camborne & Redruth
10Morrison, John V185366ENG1867Wellington (Somerset)
11Paul, Ted314498ENG1850Dorchester
12O'Gorman, Brendan116382ENG1845DHSS
13Nyman, John CH116344ENG1837 -
14Tello, Yasser120211ENG1825Wimbledon
15Ayres, Jonathan R144539ENG1811Scarborough
16Georgiou, George149122ENG1802Swindon
17Halmkin, Peter E147620ENG1787Teignmouth
18Whittington, Reece W276275ENG1781Exeter
19Burton, Ronnie107763ENG1774Weymouth
20Humphreys, Paul260534ENG1773Wells
21Strong, Chris M248466ENG1771Wells
22Prince, Alan R185037ENG1766 -
23Cole, David M301188ENG1765Surbiton
24Jenkins, David J286751ENG1763Camborne & Redruth
25Plumb, Michael D117233ENG1751Bognor & Arun
26Merchant, Thomas350173ENG1587North Bristol
27Mortazavi, Sami289977ENG0Exeter University