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Camberley Chess Club are running this popular 5 Round Rapid Play annual tournament in memory of Keith Richardson. Keith was a valued club member from the 1970s, an International Correspondence Grandmaster and very well known in the English chess community. He suffered from Parkinson’s disease and died in April 2017.

2023 Camberley KR Rapid Play - Sat 30th September 2023

Last update 30.09.2023 17:38:47, Creator/Last Upload: CamberleyChessClub

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Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1FMWebb Richard M2216ENG 37w1 16b1 8w1 3b1 5w½4,5041614,514,00
2Frostick Clive A2125ENG 31w1 27b1 12w1 5b½ 7w14,50414,512,512,50
3Sefton Adam1803ENG 22w1 14b1 20w1 1w0 11b14041613,511,50
4Farrand Tom2149JCI 25b1 6w0 24b1 36w1 21b140413,511,59,50
5Khoury Theo2233ENG 23b1 9w1 11b1 2w½ 1b½4031815,513,50
6Northcott Paul1891ENG 38w1 4b1 7w½ 8b½ 13w1403151411,50
7Shepley Julien M1964ENG 32b1 13w1 6b½ 28w1 2b03,50315,513,59,00
8Shek Daniel1927ENG 40b1 35w1 1b0 6w½ 15b13,50315,513,58,00
9ACMLishoy Gengis Paratazham Dildarav1903ENG 42w1 5b0 39w1 17b1 10w½3,50312,511,56,75
10Seaton Daniel1763ENG 35b0 26w1 29b1 25w1 9b½3,50311,59,57,75
11Davis Timothy J1962ENG 33w1 17b1 5w0 18b1 3w030316148,00
12Castaneda William1733ENG 30b1 28w1 2b0 15w0 26b130314126,00
13Ramaraju Siddarth1606ENG 46w1 7b0 33w1 27b1 6b03031311,54,00
14Hasson Peter2073ENG 19b1 3w0 25b0 29w1 32b130313117,00
15Bland Tim1356ENG 20w0 45b1 16w1 12b1 8w030312,512,56,00
16Smith Nigel D1902ENG 29b1 1w0 15b0 41w1 25b130312,511,55,00
17Krylov Yury1580ENG 44b1 11w0 26b1 9w0 36b130311,510,55,00
18Bean David1640ENG 26b0 40w1 35b1 11w0 28b13031195,00
19Maltwood Cameron1481ENG 14w0 22b0 45w1 38b1 27w13038,58,53,00
20Purdon Colin2021ENG 15b1 36w½ 3b0 24w1 23b½30214127,75
21Harley Steve1737ENG 43w1 24w½ 36b½ 22b1 4w030212115,75
22Conyard Jake0ENG 3b0 19w1 23b1 21w0 35b½2,50214,512,56,50
23Smith Robert1568ENG 5w0 42b1 22w0 33b1 20w½2,50212,511,54,50
24Sloane Paul2038ENG 39w1 21b½ 4w0 20b0 37w12,50212,511,54,00
25Kulkarni Harshal1510ENG 4w0 38b1 14w1 10b0 16w020214,513,54,00
26Thompson Oliver0ENG 18w1 10b0 17w0 39b1 12w020213,512,54,00
27Payne Mark1814ENG 41b1 2w0 32b1 13w0 19b020213,512,53,00
28Nyambuya Godwish1969ENG 34w1 12b0 31w1 7b0 18w020213,511,54,00
29Ewart Thomas1180ENG 16w0 37b1 10w0 14b0 39w120212112,50
30Simms Geoffrey R0ENG 12w0 34b1 37w0 31b1 -020211,5104,00
31Chris Biju Calvin1491ENG 2b0 41w1 28b0 30w0 42b120211102,00
32Sengupta Aditya Vikram1307ENG 7w0 46b1 27w0 43b1 14w020211101,00
33Wallman James1292ENG 11b0 44w1 13b0 23w0 41b120210,59,52,00
34Alstrom Luke1327ENG 28b0 30w0 41b0 45w1 38b12026,56,51,00
35Conyard Lee0ENG 10w1 8b0 18w0 37b½ 22w½2011412,55,50
36Pinto Phil B1707ENG 45w1 20b½ 21w½ 4b0 17w020113133,00
37Wooding Robert1531ENG 1b0 29w0 30b1 35w½ 24b01,50113,511,53,00
38Jayasinghe Imandi807ENG 6b0 25w0 44b1 19w0 34w010112111,00
39Gates Simon1398ENG 24b0 43w1 9b0 26w0 29b010111101,00
Coates Christine1280ENG 8w0 18b0 -0 -0 43w110111101,00
41Barry Alistair0ENG 27w0 31b0 34w1 16b0 33w01011192,00
42Read Isaac1193ENG 9b0 23w0 43b0 44w1 31w01011091,00
43Jayasinghe Lavandi0ENG 21b0 39b0 42w1 32w0 40b0101981,00
44Zhou Lawrence0ENG 17w0 33b0 38w0 42b0 45b1101770,00
45Spencer Adam0ENG 36b0 15w0 19b0 34b0 44w000011100,00
46Thota Dhruva0ENG 13b0 32w0 -0 -0 -00009,58,50,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Greater number of victories/games variable
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break4: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break5: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable