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Camberley Chess Club Rapid Jul 2023

Last update 13.07.2023 22:22:14, Creator/Last Upload: CamberleyChessClub

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Starting rank

1Shepley, Julien MENG2045Guildford
2Roberts, JamesENG1874Camberley
3Payne, MarkENG1811Camberley
4Davis, Timothy JENG1765Farnham
5Welling, ZacENG1734Guildford
6Huseynov, TuralENG1660Camberley
7Wooding, RobertENG1542Camberley
8Wallman, JamesENG1530Camberley
9Seaton, DanielENG1525Camberley
10West, ThomasENG1512Camberley
11Smith, RobertENG1297Camberley
12Alstrom, LukeENG1090Camberley
13Sengupta, Aditya VikramENG1066Camberley
14Ghosh, AatmajaENG973Hampshire *
15Bland, TimENG0Camberley
16Jayasinghe, ImandiENG0Camberley
17Jayasinghe, JanakaENG0Camberley
18Jayasinghe, LavandiENG0Camberley
19Mowlem, TimENG0Camberley
20Read, IsaacENG0Camberley
21Tsoi, MichaelENG0Camberley
22Wright, WarrenENG0Camberley