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51st Thanet Open Fide rated open section

51st Thanet Congress Open

Last update 10.10.2023 14:50:15, Creator/Last Upload: Alan

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Starting rank

1IMMurphy, Conor E421669IRL2458
2IMMerry, Alan B418811ENG2445
3FMTaylor, Martin R407836ENG2346
4Chandler, Cliff R401820ENG2226
5Starley, Robert421006ENG2064
6Hayward, Philip20672870ENG2018
7Green, Michael437514ENG1947
8Woolacott, Samuel428540ENG1934
9De Coverly, Roger D405213ENG1917
10Rahman, K Azizur419974ENG1819
11Hollands, George E431273ENG1815
12Faulkner, Martin J437891ENG1801
13AFMKothari, Jai477117ENG1770
14Howells, S Wyn1800779WLS1673
15AFMLatypova, Olga L472476ENG1542
16Ruben, Lyon389105000LUX1450
17Chandrashekhar, Druha495930ENG1393