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African Individual Championship 2007 (Women)

Last update 09.09.2007 22:27:42, Creator/Last Upload: BERNHARD BIBERLE my old friend

Starting rank

1WIMBasta-Sohair FEGY2075
2WGMSabure TuduetsoBOT2042
3WIMGreef MelissaRSA2031
4WIMMona KhaledEGY1981
5WFMMudongo BoikhutsoBOT1941
6Amadasun RosemaryNGR1913
7WIMSolomons AnzelRSA1865
8Alaa El Din YosraEGY0
9Ezet RoosRSA0
10Mbalenhie CindiRSA0
11Omoragbon DorisNGR0
12Swartz CelesteNAM0
13Swartz StephneNAM0
14Jambo LindaMAW0
15Msiska RoyceMAW0
16Vilhete Vania FaustaMOZ0
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