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Last update 03.06.2023 12:15:46, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1EVAN TIMOTHY CAPEL2064MAS176w1 59b1174w1 44b1 14w1 4b1 3w1 2b½7,50,54339,75
2Poh Yu Tian1981MAS187b1158w1 56b1 48w1 35b1 24w1 7b1 1w½7,50,54238,75
3YANG YICHEN0CHI 88b1131w1 12b1 16w1 8b1 36w1 1b0 25w1704639,00
4ANTHONY LIONG ING KIAT1581MAS216b1 74w1 54b1 62w1 5b1 1w0 32b1 23w17043,536,00
5JOSHUA NG SHAO WEN1394MAS 60b1184w1 15b1 46w1 4w0 47b1 22w1 13b1704236,00
6Emir Rusyaidi0MAS261b+ 21b0242w1 73b1 19w1 35w1 27b1 24w17040,529,50
7Lai Hong Jun1626MAS244w1 51b1108w1 89b1 10w1 13b1 2w0 16b1703933,00
8LIM CHENG LUN1451MAS223w1157b1 52w1 50b1 3w0 66b1 53w1 18b1703831,50
9Shanjay Ram1259MAS189b1 15w0 38b1 33w½ 93b1 88w1 69b1 34w16,5039,530,75
10Cheah Yik Zhu1412MAS117b1156w1126b1 20w1 7b0 54w1 34b½ 32w16,503930,75
11MUHAMMAD HAZIQ BIN MUHAMMAD NASRUDDIN0MAS182b1 99w1 78b½ 37w1 63b1 32w0 36b1 33w16,5038,531,50
12Goh Ed Win1214MAS195w1 22b1 3w0 65b1 86w1 14b0 96w1 68b16041,528,50
13Koay Yu Zhe1564MAS107b1106w1181b1 39w1 34b1 7w0 17b1 5w06041,528,00
14Brighton Tan Ze Hao1450MAS194b1 58w1133b1 64w1 1b0 12w1 23b0 74w1604128,00
15Osamah Farooq Fouad Alrawi0IRA208w1 9b1 5w0101b1 90w1 28b0 52w1 53b16040,528,50
16AUSTIN WEIBIN CHEAH1398MAS251w+172b1109w1 3b0 59w1 74w1 26b1 7w06040,523,00
17TAN RUI ZE1366MAS137b1 49w1 91b1 45w1 24b0 46w1 13w0 50b1604028,50
18Vizshnu A/L Supramaniam0MAS 75b1 54w0183b1120w1 56b1 29w1 37b1 8w0604028,50
19Isaac Jenson Tee Yi Siang1332MAS 38b1 33w0184b1 49w1 6b0 75w1 72b1 45w1604028,50
20HO NAM WONG0UK262b+ 27w1 70b1 10b0173w1 25w0 48b1 63w1604024,00
21CHOO TING HAN1520MAS114b1 6w1 32b0 87w0117w1 67b1 92w1 55b1603829,50
22ROSINI A/P BALASUNDRAM0MAS243b1 12w0 58b1 55w1105b1 48w1 5b0 56w1603825,00
23ABBY TAN LI SHUEN1356MAS 87w0122b1107w1156b1 51w1 96b1 14w1 4b06037,527,00
24Tin Shan Ze1572MAS231w1149b1175w1173b1 17w1 2b0 28w1 6b06037,524,00
25ONG EL WIN1432MAS200w1155b1176w1 34b0 52w1 20b1 44w1 3b0603725,50
26William Dinh Phipp0MAS132w1101b1173w0 57b1108w1 40b1 16w0 44b1603628,00
27KEVIN SIM ZI KANG1416MAS 47w1 20b0187w1186b1 50w1104b1 6w0 49b1603625,00
28LAI GUAN CHENG1390MAS178b1188w1 46b0 95w1109b1 15w1 24b0 76w16035,525,50
29LOW LUKE LIANG1334MAS 96w1151b1155w0172b1 67w1 18b0104w1 47b16034,525,50
30YU CHAN KIT0MAS104w1 57b0172w0214b1119w1 82b1 51w1 89b16032,525,00
31TAY CHYE YUEN0MAS116w1136b1 44w0175b1174w1 53b0121w1 64b16031,523,00
32Ahmad Alif Irfan bin Badruddin0MAS 94w1111b1 21w1 36b½ 40w1 11b1 4w0 10b05,5045,529,25
33NHAVIN KUMARESAN0MAS112w1 19b1 36w0 9b½ 79w1 98b1 89w1 11b05,5042,527,25
34VISHANTH NAIDU PATINI0MAS163b1 97w1 80b1 25w1 13w0115b1 10w½ 9b05,504226,25
35KOAY YU HANG1441MAS135b1177w1 55b1105w1 2w0 6b0 58b1 38w½5,5040,523,75
36PEH YI FENG1421MAS119b1222w1 33b1 32w½ 87b1 3b0 11w0 97w15,503923,25
37Choo Ting Yong1388MAS122w1 87b½102w1 11b0128w1 94b1 18w0 88b15,5038,523,75
38MUHAMAD UZAIR BIN AHMAD PUAD0MAS 19w0112b1 9w0224b1 81w1 90b1115w1 35b½5,503722,25
39YEOH YI SHUEN1277MAS179w1 61b1 92w1 13b0 47w0107b1 60w½ 91b15,5035,523,50
40MAH JON RU1334MAS211b½162w1153b1 78w1 32b0 26w0 95b1 87w15,5035,522,75
41EMY EMILIA BINTI ROSLY1191MAS232b1113w0152b1 76w1 45b0 71w1 61b1 43w½5,503523,75
42SAW LIANG KAI1312MAS 65w0145b1223w1 47b0178w1155b½ 94w1 92b15,503119,75
43YAP QUAN YI0SIN183w1175b0157w1 51b0156w1116b1 98w1 41b½5,5030,521,25
44TEOH JE HERN1338MAS 72b1 71w1 31b1 1w0106b1 45w1 25b0 26w05044,525,00
45Ryan Wong Ming Feng0MAS121w1 83b1 53w1 17b0 41w1 44b0 59w1 19b05041,524,50
46POH KAI SIANG0MAS169w1 79b1 28w1 5b0 83w1 17b0 50w0121b15041,523,50
47Lim Chen Teik0MAS 27b0146w1215b1 42w1 39b1 5w0 78b1 29w05041,522,50
48Clanice Ooi Qzi Yann1340MAS145w1 65b1 57w1 2b0116w1 22b0 20w0132b1504122,00
49Muhammad Amir Irfan bin Ziaudin Ahamed0MAS 98w1 17b0 79w1 19b0136w1 83b1112w1 27w05040,522,50
50Aqiel Faeeq Bin Rosman0MAS168b1123w1 63b1 8w0 27b0127w1 46b1 17w0504021,50
51Chayakorn Korkiatphithak0THA190b1 7w0185b1 43w1 23b0 85w1 30b0118w15039,520,50
52Ahmad Hilmi Bin Zulkeflee0MAS259b+ 85w1 8b0113w1 25b0126w1 15b0141b15039,517,00
53Yeoh Wei Shen1352MAS144b1 93w1 45b0180w1158b1 31w1 8b0 15w0503921,00
54VAJGENTHRA A/L PRABAKARAN1185MAS225w1 18b1 4w0 77b1111w1 10b0 68w0110b1503921,00
55ANIS FAIZ BIN SAUDI0MAS164w1202b1 35w0 22b0 77w1129b1 73w1 21w05037,520,50
56ALIVIA NG QIAN WEN1192MAS220w1100b1 2w0179b1 18w0110b1141w1 22b05037,518,00
57CHAN HAN0MAS154b1 30w1 48b0 26w0 76b0148w1185b1113w1503721,00
58ESTHER NG E0JO0MAS197w1 14b0 22w0166b1147w1 62b1 35w0115b1503719,50
59CHAN YONG KEAT0MAS185b1 1w0190b1139w1 16b0124w1 45b0127w1503618,00
60LIM KAI JUN0MAS 5w0246b+ 97b0213w1 70b1134w1 39b½ 80w½503616,75
61NURUL MARSHITAH BINTI ABDUL MANAN0MAS204b1 39w0150b1 97w1115w0101b1 41w0130b1503520,00
62NAMELESWARAN SANGARA NANDA1295MAS180b1167w1118b1 4b0104w0 58w0114b1 93w1503519,00
63William Wang Zhonghao1443MAS140w1191b1 50w0155b1 11w0138b1106w1 20b0503518,50
64Lim Wei Hao1272MAS253w+ 77b1212w1 14b0 96w0114b1122w1 31w0503515,50
65MUHAMMAD AFIF BIN FAUZURADHI0MAS 42b1 48w0196b1 12w0 97b0175w1131b1105w1503419,50
66FOONG KAI XUAN1126MAS160b0192w1167b1 91w1124b1 8w0 76b0126w1503419,00
67ETHAN TIONG HONG YI0MAS124b0256w+207w1153w1 29b0 21w0139b1128b1503415,00
68WONG KAI XI0MAS177b0194w1 95b0143w1142b1109w1 54b1 12w05033,520,00
69IVIE YONG YEE XIN1219MAS110w0125b1200w1178b1 92w½100b1 9w0 84b½5033,519,25
70PEH YI ZHENG1317MAS125w1110b1 20w0104b0 60w0137b1172w1122b1503319,00
NA SHUN ZHAN0MAS103w1 44b0130w1 90b0169w1 41b0174w1112b1503319,00
72MUHAMAD HAFIZ BIN AHMAD PUAD0MAS 44w0103b1 90w0130b1182w1173b1 19w0136b1503318,50
73YEAM KAH YEEN0MAS 95b1213w1105b0 6w0177b1158w1 55b0120w1503317,50
74CHAN ZI YI0MAS230w1 4b0226w1 86b1212w1 16b0111w1 14b0503315,50
75EASON SIM YI XIUN0MAS 18w0225b1 94w0195b1161w1 19b0129w1111b15032,516,50
76Ooi Ee Shen0MAS214w1173b0239w1 41b0 57w1108b1 66w1 28b05031,518,00
77OOI EE SHIN0MAS228b1 64w0163b1 54w0 55b0142w1150b1133w15031,517,50
78KHAW TZE YEE1290MAS264w1166b1 11w½ 40b0114w½172b1 47w0104b15031,515,75
79GUI ZI XUAN1235MAS221b1 46w0 49b0194w1 33b0192w1119w1125b1503116,00
80SHE SHUEN FEI1232MAS241w1242b1 34w0117b1 94w½ 92b0102w1 60b½503115,75
81CHUAH RU MING1223MAS226b1 91w0 93b0135w1 38b0162w1117b1143w15030,517,50
82Darsendran A/L Nagendran0MAS118b0141w0232b1185w1113b1 30w0124b1123w15030,517,00
83TAN RYAN1209MAS240b1 45w0189b1160w1 46b0 49w0144b1107w15030,516,00
84Yew Xin Ling0MAS172w0251b+203b1 88w0 95b½165w1159b1 69w½503014,75
85YEK YUINCY0MAS210w1 52b0191w1116b0176w1 51b0138w1106b1502917,00
86TEH YU HENG0MAS106b0216w1177b1 74w0 12b0222w1183b1109w1502914,50
87MANISH A/L DHANPAL RAJKUMAR0MAS 23b1 37w½128w1 21b1 36w0 89b0103w1 40b04,5041,523,25
88GAN YI HANG0MAS 3w0217b1161w1 84b1 89w½ 9b0100w1 37w04,5038,517,75
89MASon Yeoh Ming Xun1315MAS192b1160w1113b1 7w0 88b½ 87w1 33b0 30w04,503817,25
90ANNABELLE TAN LI JIA1265MAS254w+126w0 72b1 71w1 15b0 38w0140b1 96b½4,5037,516,25
91RAYMOND NATHAN A/L KALAI RICHARD0MAS248w+ 81b1 17w0 66b0149w1131w1 97b½ 39w04,5037,515,25
92ROBIN YAP JUNG JOON0MAS198b1134w1 39b0133w1 69b½ 80w1 21b0 42w04,503718,50
93MUHAMMAD FAIZ ADRIAN CHAN BIN FAKHRUL N0MAS115w1 53b0 81w1 98b½ 9w0157b1155w1 62b04,503718,25
94OOI ZHE KAI0MAS 32b0143w1 75b1181w1 80b½ 37w0 42b0159w14,503718,00
95HAMZA YUSUF SULAIMI BIN MOHD IKMAL H0MAS 73w0229b1 68w1 28b0 84w½ 99b1 40w0161b14,5035,517,50
96MUHAMAD IQBAL ROSALI0MAS 29b0199w1213b1134w1 64b1 23w0 12b0 90w½4,5035,516,75
97DANIEL WOO KEN LAM1188MAS219w1 34b0 60w1 61b0 65w1179b1 91w½ 36b04,503517,75
98LOW YI XUAN1284MAS 49b0137w1135b1 93w½159b1 33w0 43b0156w14,503517,25
99BUN SEM A/L ARIAM1332MAS252w+ 11b0114w½102b1100w0 95w0211b1162b14,5033,512,50
100TERENCE LEE ZHEN KHAI0MAS150b1 56w0138b1159w½ 99b1 69w0 88b0155b14,503317,75
101Ian Phuah Zheng Ce1157MAS227b1 26w0141b1 15w0221b1 61w0160b½164w14,5031,513,25
102TANG YI XUEN0MAS159b½165w1 37b0 99w0205b1215w1 80b0157b14,5030,514,25
103LIM HAN JAY1201MAS 71b0 72w0162b1188w1180b½211w1 87b0160w14,5029,514,00
104IVAN LIONG WEN CHIAT0MAS 30b0235w1170b1 70w1 62b1 27w0 29b0 78w04038,515,50
105WOON RU JIA1200MAS148w1129b1 73w1 35b0 22w0122b0145w1 65b04037,517,00
106Chong Zheng Hao Adam0MAS 86w1 13b0166w1147b1 44w0123b1 63b0 85w0403716,50
107JULIUS PHANG HIMURA0MAS 13w0261b+ 23b0170w1153b1 39w0173b1 83b0403610,50
108LINGGESWARY A/P GANESH1121MAS257w+139w1 7b0164w1 26b0 76w0126b0180w14035,510,50
109ARULMOOLAN A/L DAVID ARUL0MAS235b1170w1 16b0118w1 28w0 68b0151w1 86b0403513,50
110MUHAMMAD SHAHRUL NIZHAM BIN ARIFFIN0MAS 69b1 70w0159b0163w1133b1 56w0158b1 54w04034,516,00
111YEOH JIA JIN0MAS143b1 32w0210b1142w1 54b0120w1 74b0 75w04034,515,00
112Jeffrey Tan Ying Zheng1194MAS 33b0 38w0192b1144w1189b1152w1 49b0 71w04034,514,00
113TEH THIEN YOONG0MAS193w1 41b1 89w0 52b0 82w0186b1116w1 57b0403415,50
114Khu Chee Sing0MAS 21w0197b1 99b½165w1 78b½ 64w0 62w0206b1403414,25
115Ambert Chan Wye Zhe1267MAS 93b0144w1188b1221w1 61b1 34w0 38b0 58w0403414,00
116CHEONG XUAN YING0MAS 31b0237w1127b1 85w1 48b0 43w0113b0209w1403414,00
117LIM DEE XUAN0MAS 10w0263b+205b1 80w0 21b0206b1 81w0182b140349,00
118UMAR HAMZAH BIN MOHD SHAIR0MAS 82w1130b1 62w0109b0155w0218b1149w1 51b0403315,50
119LIEW JIA HAO0MAS 36w0262b+134b0204w1 30b0153w1 79b0173w1403310,00
120CHIA HONG JUN0MAS129w0148b1195w1 18b0207w1111b0166w1 73b04032,513,50
121BALASUNDRAM A/L MUNANDY0MAS 45b0240w1168b1124w0160b1139w1 31b0 46w04032,512,50
122Loke Eu Sern0MAS 37b0 23w0233b1196w1199b1105w1 64b0 70w04032,512,00
123Yew Xin Phei0MAS250b+ 50b0132w1128b0140w1106w0177b1 82b04032,511,00
124WANG JIAN ZHI0MAS 67w1174b0193w1121b1 66w0 59b0 82w0191b1403215,00
125MUHAMMAD ABRAR BIN ZAKARIA0MAS 70b0 69w0146b0154w1213b1181w1134b1 79w0403213,50
126OOI FU CHUIN0MAS196w1 90b1 10w0174b0193w1 52b0108w1 66b04031,514,50
127TIONG XIN RUI0MAS157w0140b1116w0132b1191w1 50b0193w1 59b04031,514,00
128MAXX GOH RYAN1243MAS162b½211w1 87b0123w1 37b0180w½135b1 67w0403113,75
129Teh Ent0Hy0MAS120b1105w0142b0222w1150b1 55w0 75b0177w1403113,00
130MEENA DARSINI A/P RAMESH1188MAS141b1118w0 71b0 72w0188b1221w1152b1 61w0403113,00
131KAMALESHVARAN A/L GANESH1147MAS217w1 3b0178w0200b1151w1 91b0 65w0179b1403112,50
132FATIN NABILA BINTI MD NAZARUDDIN0MAS 26b0227w1123b0127w0167b1190w1146b1 48w0403112,50
133Aidan Kabir bin Emery Kabir0MAS209w1206b1 14w0 92b0110w0195b1179w1 77b0403112,00
134Logapraakash A/L Rajendran1215MAS255b+ 92b0119w1 96b0145w1 60b0125w0188b1403111,00
135LEE SI EN0MAS 35w0201b1 98w0 81b0234w1147b1128w0199b14030,512,00
136TIRUNYANARISI A/L MOGANASUNDARAM1200MAS237b1 31w0221b0137w1 49b0189w1180b1 72w0403012,00
137LUQMAN NUR HAKIM BIN MOHD ZAZALLEE0MAS 17w0 98b0230w1136b0204b1 70w0201b1205w1403011,00
138GALEN OOI YI ZHUO0MAS139b0257w+100w0242b1206w1 63w0 85b0190w140307,00
139YADIY FAIZ BIN YUSUF0MAS138w1108b0149w1 59b0186w1121b0 67w0183b14029,514,00
140LEE EN MIN0MAS 63b0127w0154b1205w1123b0201w1 90w0202b1402913,00
141NUR ATHIYYAH KHADRA BINTI MOHAMAD0MAS130w0 82b1101w0239b1198w1174b1 56b0 52w0402912,50
142FATIMAH AZ ZAHRA BINTI MUHAMMAD NASRUD0MAS147w0236b1129w1111b0 68w0 77b0227w1197b1402911,00
143Harrshan Rao a/l Sugas0MAS111w0 94b0219w1 68b0242w1233b1202w1 81b04028,58,50
144MOHAMMAD AL FATEH BIN MOHD AMIR RIZA0MAS 53w0115b0197w1112b0224w1182b1 83w0174b1402811,00
145MOHD. ZULHILMI BIN ZAHKERIA0MAS 48b0 42w0234b1238w1134b0199w1105b0181w1402810,00
146YAU MING XUAN0MAS155w0 47b0125w1187b1172w0176b1132w0186b14027,513,00
147WAYNE KHU0MAS142b1181w0222b1106w0 58b0135w0178b1203w14027,512,00
148Ngeow Zhi Jie0MAS105b0120w0169w0197b1208w1 57b0175b1198w14027,512,00
149CHOO YI JIA0MAS233b1 24w0139b0209w1 91b0212w1118b0185w14027,510,50
150Damian Kabir bin Emery Kabir0MAS100w0220b1 61w0226b1129w0229b1 77w0207b14027,59,50

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable