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World Cadet & Youth Rapid Championships 2023 Open 08

Last update 11.06.2023 16:29:17, Creator/Last Upload: tkarali

Player overview for SCO

1Cheng Louis1790SCO111½10101118,52Open 08

Results of the last round for SCO

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Anetov Amirzhan1246 0 - 1 Cheng Louis1790

Player details for SCO

Cheng Louis 1790 SCO Rp:1498 Pts. 8,5
132Asryan Aram0ARM5w 1
219Grigorenko Vladislavs1151LAT4s 1
39Jakhaia Andria1292GEO7,5w 1
46Bashar Aikozha1384KAZ6,5s ½
57Babkin Timofey Dm1347FID8w 1
65AFMMuhammad Shayan Noushad Ibrahim1396IND10s 0
715Bakhyt Rauan1208KAZ7,5w 1
810Nabiyev Iman1271KAZ7,5w 0
916Kiladze Giorgi1195GEO7,5s 1
102Le Phan Hoang Quan1666VIE7s 1
1111Anetov Amirzhan1246KAZ7,5s 1