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Campeonato Nacional de Ajedrez Junior & Cadetes FVA 2023 Sistema Suizo Individual - Categoria Junior Femenino U18

Last update 24.05.2023 14:19:26, Creator/Last Upload: ORGANIZACION AJEDREZ VINOTINTO

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Round 3 on 2023/05/19 at 9:00am

Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
13Acosta Camarillo, Ana Isabella15562 1 - 02 Mayz Canelon, Valeria13714
21WFMPerez Hernandez, Vicmary C.1769 1 - 01 Guadalajara Barrios, Jacksilany15572
38Espinoza Balza, Abril Nathaly12001 0 - 1 Rivas Brito, Deilyn Josefina13295
411Marquez Carrasquel, Desiree Isabella01 0 - 11 Contreras Rujano, Leidy Marian13046
59Hevia Navas, Zahied Teilid11340 0 - 11 Velasquez Font, Majeiqueilin Valentina12967
612Pinto Blanco, Hilary de Jesus00 1 bye 
710Barrena Ramones, Elysmar Karina00 0 not paired