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Pojedinacno prvenstvo u sahu Dani sporta USK-a 2023-srednje skole

Last update 11.05.2023 15:01:28, Creator/Last Upload: Didondo

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Starting rank

1Abdic, AdnanBIH0Gimnazija Bihac
2Beganovic, NedimBIH0Gimnazija Caazin
3Besirevic, LejlaBIH0Gimnazija Cazin
4Čiča, MateaBIH0Gimnazija Cazin
5Hadzic, AsmirBIH0MSŠ B.Petrovac
6Hasanbegovic, TarikBIH0MSŠ S.Most
7Mustafic, TarikBIH0MSŠ Buzim
8Nanic, SuljoBIH0MSŠ Buzim
9Qafani, SadiBIH0MSŠ B.Petrovac
10Ramic, HarunBIH0MSŠ B.Krupa
11Ramic, TarikBIH0Gimnazija Cazin
12Sabic, AldinBIH0Gimnazija Cazin
13Smlatic, EmeralBIH0MSŠ B.Krupa
14Tahirovic, EnverBIH0MSŠ B.Krupa
15Tatarevic, MuhamedBIH0Gimnazija Bihac
16Zaimovic, AmilBIH0Gimnazija Bihac
17Zukic, HamzaBIH0MSŠ s.mOST