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Last update 30.08.2007 09:10:51, Creator/Last Upload: IA Ignatius Leong

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Starting rank

1Tu Hoang ThongHCM0Stmk
2Dinh Duc TrongBRV0
3Bao QuangDAN0Tir
4Nguyen Thien VietDAN0Tir
5Hoang Canh HuanDAN0Tir
6Nguyen Huynh Minh HuyDTH0Vbg
7Tran Quoc DungDTH0Vbg
8Ngo Ngoc QuangHCM0Stmk
9To Quoc KhanhQDO0
10Dang Duy LinhDAN0Tir
11Tu Hoang ThaiHCM0Stmk
12Tran Thanh TuDTH0Vbg
13Nguyen Van HaiHNO0Knt
14Nguyen Van ThanhDAN0Tir
15Doan Van DucQDO0
16Phung Nguyen Tuong MinhBRV0
17Nguyen Thai BinhCTH0Sbg
18Bui Duc TiepHNO0Knt
19Nguyen Huu Hoang AnhLDO0
20Bao KhoaLDO0
21Nguyen Anh TuanQDO0
22Nguyen Van Toan ThanhQDO0
23Pham Quang HungQDO0
24Pham ChuongHCM0Stmk
25Nguyen Van HuyBNI0Bgld
26Nguyen Duc HoaCTH0Sbg
27Nguyen Tran Quang MinhQDO0
28Nguyen Ngoc PhungHCM0Stmk
29Bui Quy HungQNI0
30Dam Cong TungBNI0Bgld
31Dang The NamHNO0Knt
32Vu Tien ManhBNI0Bgld
33Pham Minh TaiBNI0Bgld
34Nguyen Minh TuanHCM0Stmk
35Nguyen Thanh NghiaHCM0Stmk
36Phan Dinh Nhat KhanhLDO0
37Ly Quoc LongCTH0Sbg
38Do Minh PhungDAN0Tir
39Duong Thuong CongDTH0Vbg
40Ton Nu Hong AnLDO0
41Dao Thien AnDTH0Vbg
42Doan Phu AnLDO0
43Nguyen Duy AnhLAN0AUSL
44Phan Trong BinhBRV0
45Tran Cong BinhKHO0AUT
46Le Cong CuongQNI0
47Nguyen Hung CuongHNO0Knt
48Pham Xuan DatQDO0
49Tran Quoc DoanBDU0
50Nguyen Minh DonBCA0Wien
51Nguyen Quang DucLDO0
52Nguyen Dinh DungCTH0Sbg
53Nguyen Huy HoangQNI0
54Nguyen Trong HungBDI0
55Vu Phi HungQNI0
56Tran Quoc HungKHO0AUT
57Nguyen Huu Nhat HuyLDO0
58Cam Dang KhoaBCA0Wien
59Bui Dac KhuongBDU0
60Truong Thanh LamBDU0
61Tran Ngoc LanHNO0Knt
62Le Thanh LiemDTH0Vbg
63Le Quang LongHCM0Stmk
64Nguyen Vu LongBRV0
65Quach Phuong MinhCTH0Sbg
66Nguyen Thanh NamLAN0AUSL
67Nguyen Binh NguyenBDU0
68Le Tran Minh NhatCTH0Sbg
69Huynh Nguyen Anh QuanBDU0
70Tran Ngoc SangBCA0Wien
71Phan Anh SonQDO0
72Nguyen Chanh ThangKHO0AUT
73Nguyen Minh ThanhKHO0AUT
74Dinh Duc ThinhBCA0Wien
75Doan Nguyen Trung TinLDO0
76Ngo Trung TinLAN0AUSL
77Pham Huynh Hieu TrungLDO0
78Nguyen Manh TruongBRV0
79Ngo Thi Kim TuyenQNI0
80Phan Trong VietBRV0