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Dani sporta USK-a Pojedinacno takmicenje osnovnih skola

Last update 09.05.2023 16:11:36, Creator/Last Upload: Didondo

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Starting rank

1Alihodzic, LamijaBIH0OS 5.oktobar Sanski Most
2Berberovic, BenjaminBIH0OS Cazin 2- Cazin
3Besirevic, EllaBIH0OS Cazin 2 - Cazin
4Fazlic, HanaBIH0OS Harmani I - Bihac
5Fazlic, MelinaBIH0OS Harmani I - Bihac
6Hasanbegovic, EminaBIH0OS 5.oktobar Sanski Most
7Hrnjic, AlemBIH0OS Harmani I - Bihac
8Hrnjic, AmirBIH0OS Harmani I - Bihac
9Jusic, AmelBIH0OS Cazin 2- Cazin
10Kavaz, IbrahimBIH0OS 5.oktobar sANSKI mOST
11Krstanovic, NemanjaBIH0OS Ahmet Hromadzic B.Petrovac
12Mehadzic, AmarBIH0OS 5.oktobar Sanski Most
13Nikic, GavriloBIH0OS Ahmet Hromadzic B.Petrovac
14Osmanagic, HarunBIH0OS Cazin 2 - Cazin
15Pecanac, OgnjenBIH0OS Ahmet Hromadzic B.Petrovac
16Seferagic, IsakBIH0OS Cazin 2- Cazin
17Semanic, AmnaBIH0OS Harmani I - Bihac
18Softic, HarunBIH0OS Harmani I - Bihac
19Topic, HarunBIH0OS 5.oktobar Sanski Most
20Zajkic, BelmaBIH0OS Ahmet Hromadzic B.Petrovac