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Third Saturday Djenovici, |MNE IM V -2023 Djenovici

Last update 28.05.2023 14:26:41, Creator/Last Upload: Montenegro Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

6IMSmirnov, Artem4143256FID2414
5IMArsovic, Zoran901679SRB2399
3FMTomic, Aleksandar16501799MNE2383
2IMLangrock, Hannes4655290GER2366
7FMIvanov, Mike2613158CAN2321
4FMThorsteinsson, Thorsteinn2300281ISL2218
9CMUlasevich, Sergei13505629FID2213
8FMSahin, Ozgun6328121TUR2190
10CMPappelis, Dimitrios4215281GRE2159
1Kalenichenko, Alina54104416FID1950w