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HelyszĂ­n: MSSZ – Venue: Hungarian Chess Federation (Falk Miksa Str. 10, Budapest)
Live games:;;

BSSZ One Week IM

Last update 27.08.2023 15:04:14, Creator/Last Upload: Hungarian Chess-Federation licence 10

Starting rank list of players

4IMIzsak, Gyula702234HUN2396
9IMPaschall, William2005379USA2335
1IMSzeberenyi, Adam710466HUN2305
3FMAdarsh, Tripathi35061984IND2286
8FMPapp, Bence788384HUN2276
7FMHamblok, Roel209317BEL2246
6Szabo, Abel17008077HUN2234
5WFMKaracsonyi, Kata769584HUN2198
2Vincenti, Leonardo28550820ITA2140
10Flasik, Radoslav14903202SVK2089