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Please note: Rd. 7 starts on Sunday 27th at 15:30.

Nine-round FIDE-rated Swiss tournament (24-28 August, 2023) at Forest Hall Social Club, Newcastle upon Tyne. For players rated under 1600 FIDE (Standard Play).

Northumbria Minor 2023

Last update 30.08.2023 00:35:29, Creator/Last Upload: T.P. Wall

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Starting rank

1Chan, Joe263138ENG1542Gosforth
2Pride, Stephen C140662419680ENG1625Cambridge City
3Mckay, Ruairidh3099342406500SCO1589Glasgow (SCO)
4Handa, Anant322386343433081ENG1515Greater Manchester *
5Johnson, Stanley130453430080ENG1464South Shields
6Kilmartin, David246784343412408ENG1428Blue Club (Oldham)
7Pereslavtsev, Sergey343477343412084ENG1611Upminster
8Krause, Tom322881499064ENG1472Gosforth
9Allen, Michael317126471453ENG1609Newcastle University
10Kowalski Rubiales, Leo34222054783194ESP1172Hammersmith
11Kluckova, Alzbeta308696456608ENG1271wLeeds University
12Burgess, Rose340805343410740ENG1167wMaidstone
13Coleman, Daniel J3493432410699SCO1631Scotland
14Duff, Ryan Jgd312860468886ENG1405Forest Hall
15Greener, Herbert277698277698ENG1661Carlisle Austin Friars
16Li, Yuexin3598668649197CHN0China
17Norman, Stuart0ENG0Bedlington *
18O'Briain, Colm02524899IRL0University College Dublin (IRL)
19Pham, Mo Fei3598676008704HKG0wHong Kong
20Russell, Brandon350500343414494ENG1578Newcastle *
21Soy, Aidan347371343411118ENG1285Cardinal Hume Catholic School
22Tang, Chloe Amandine3598686008674HKG0Hong Kong
23Tang, Lea3598696008666HKG0wHong Kong
24Tatters, Ethan343494343402755ENG1510Forest Hall
25Tong, Daniel345440343413056ENG1429Gosforth