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Groups C/D ONLY : 13.30-15.30

Registration will close if the limit of 40 participants is reached

Caissa End of the Month May - Combined List

Last update 04.06.2023 11:20:50, Creator/Last Upload: MUÑIZ PARDIÑO, Alberto

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Starting rank

1Aarif Jaylan GohC
2Abram LamC
3Aksinya LevinC
4Avaleigh KellyC
5Benjamin BraginskiyC
6Brenton John HoC
7Darren ZhangC
8Dylan MunnC
9Ethan ChenC
10Ethan HuC
11Gwen MunnC
12Ivan KomarovC
13Jacob ZhangC
14Jasper Chen HaoyangC
15Jeffrey SunC
16Lu ChengC
17Rafael MunizC
18Reyansh RoongtaC
19Rhys HuangC
20Shashank BhaskarC
21Skyler LeeC
22Sophia StankovicC
23Vihaan SharmaC
24Vivaan AgrawalC
25Yuchen LiaoC
26Aiden YuD
27Cassandra YuD
28Eric ChenD
29Gavin SiuD
30George Zhuochen DongD
31Henry ZhouD
32Joshua JinD
33Livia NgD
34Marsha KurnosovaD
35Martin MunizD
36Simon ChenD
37Tejas AravindD
38Tristan ZhouD
39William HanD