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Pothys Bishop Heber College Trichy District Level Chess Tournament Oragnized by Department of Commerce & Physical Education (U 25 GIRLS)

Last update 26.03.2023 12:55:07, Creator/Last Upload: Youngsters Chess Academy

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Starting rank

1Abinaya, KIND0Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram
2Anusha, SIND0Shrimati Indira Gandhi College
3Dheeksha, SIND0Holy Cross College Trichy
4Epsiba Immaculate, DIND0Bishop Heber College
5Gayathri, SIND0National College
6Laavanyaa Shri, PIND0Bishop Heber College
7Nivedha, SIND0Bishop Heber College
8Pooja, T RIND0Bishop Heber College
9Poornima, G PIND0Bishop Heber College
10Rubbyneyaa, AIND0Bishop Heber College
11Shanmuga Priya, RIND0Bishop Heber College
12Sheeba Preethi, JIND0BSNL
13Sushmitha, JaganathanIND0Bishop Heber College
14Swathi, NIND0Bishop Heber College
15Vedhapriya, RIND0Bishop Heber College
16Vinothini, SIND0