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Campionatul RM 2023 la sah rapid, tineret 16-20 ani, masculin

Last update 25.03.2023 12:50:46, Creator/Last Upload: CHESS FEDERATION OF MOLDOVA

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Starting rank

1Baranciuc, Alexandr13908669MDA2015Chisinau
2Cebotari, Stanislav13908200MDA1984Falesti
3Sapocinic, Semion13908693MDA1978Chisinau
4Scurtu, Alexandr13907972MDA1935Ribnita
5Sustov, Savva13908715MDA1816Chisinau
6Panfilii, Laurentiu13905295MDA1794Chisinau
7Priseajniuc, Andrei13907700MDA1779Balti
8Miron, Iurii13908227MDA1709Chisinau
9Bujac, Dan13909517MDA1670Chisinau
10Rascu, Dmitrii13907930MDA1642Chisinau
11Soilita, Nichita13906925MDA1624Chisinau
12Vasilache, Dan-Andrei13911198MDA1368Chisinau
13Albu, Vlad13909622MDA1090Chisinau