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Gosforth March Fundraiser

Last update 19.03.2023 22:22:45, Creator: Scotland chess federation (License 1),Last Upload: Spanish Chess Federation (Licence 318)

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Starting rank

1Leon Cazares, Gustavo5110602MEX2151Gosforth
2Velmurugan, KavinENG1986
3Riding, Mick D430102ENG1961Gosforth
4Robson, Paul E424803ENG1938
5Pollock, MurrayENG1875Gosforth
6Ross, James WENG1870Tynedale
7Liddle, JohnENG1836
8Mohindra, Raj K468924ENG1831K
9Checchi, MarcoENG1759Gosforth
10Chester, Ian B343414117ENG1736Gosforth
11Mckay, James499030ENG1729Gosforth
12Mckay, Mark499080ENG1687Gosforth
13Walshaw, David422967ENG1672Jesmond
14Stipanovic, AntonioENG1622Gosforth
15Chan, JoeENG1606Gosforth
16Chapman, DominicENG1604Gosforth
17Owen, MichaelENG1603Gosforth
18Rook, Ian RENG1551
19Pritchard, DavidENG1535
20Krause, Tom499064ENG1469Gosforth
21Tatters, Ethan343402755ENG1447
22Baggaley, AlexENG1385
23Kearney, JonnyENG1367Tynedale
24Bowers, GabrielENG1207
25Stetsiuk, GasparENG1120
26Ross, EthanENG1113Gosforth
27Bone, CallumENG0
28Dolinger, AnthonyENG0
29Dong, KaiENG0
30Howell, AlastairENG0
31Mawala, DelaineENG0
32Morgan, PeterENG0
33Rooney, JonathanENG0
34Scott, SamENG0