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Campionatul Judetean de Sah Mehedinti Open >14

Last update 11.03.2023 19:05:38, Creator/Last Upload: piataseverineana

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Starting rank

1IIRosca, Mario-Andrei1283170ROU1739Sah Club Drobeta
2IISandu, Andrei-Stefan1273388ROU1606Sah Club Drobeta
3IIDuta, Adrian1277820ROU1452Asc Drobeta Tr Severin
4IITilea, Luca-Andrei1256785ROU1297Asc Drobeta Tr Severin
5IIPopescu, Stefan1256319ROU1150Asc Drobeta Tr Severin
6IITilea, Robert-Stefan1278290ROU1043Asc Drobeta Tr Severin
7IIVidan, Elena1273434ROU1023Sah Club Drobeta
8Clement, Cristi-FabianROU1001Sah Club Drobeta
9Pantes, Sorin42222044ROU1001Asc Drobeta Tr Severin
10Pirvanescu, Aurel42223156ROU1001Asc Drobeta Tr Severin
11Popa, Alexandru NicolaeROU1001CS Educatie prin Sah
12Radu, Raul-FabianROU1001
13Băleanu, ȘtefanROU0
14Pirvanescu, Petrica MarianROU0