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Those who wish to order lunch from the school canteen, please pre-order your meal prior to the start of Round 6 as the canteen will not include orders on the spot. All orders as part of the order chit are to be collected by 1 person.

Open U12 R6 pairings have been updated, please check and ensure that you sit at the correct table and colour

74th National School’s Individuals Championship 2023 Under-12 Open

Last update 12.03.2023 09:29:51, Creator/Last Upload: Singapore Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Wong, Yen-Hsiu Elliot5827701SGP1436SSt Josephs Institution Junior
2Siddharth, Sai5823404SGP1405EChangkat Primary School
3Ashwath, Kaushik33387230SGP1382INTOverseas Family School
4Bonnet, Gabriel Misa Jean6008623HKG1374INTInternational French School
5Chan, Jing Fong Joash5833531SGP1305WBukit Panjang Primary School
6Seah, Shin Rui5834627SGP1290EKong Hwa School
7Kapoor, Tanush72900369SGP1256STownsville Primary School
8Sim, Yan Xiang Ethan5830745SGP1237SRiver Valley Primary School
9Chen, Yifei5832071SGP1232SACS (Primary)
10Heng, Jun Herng Kyan5830095SGP1226ETao Nan School
11Haresh, Venkata Narayanaswamy5829437SGP1222INTGlobal Indian International School
12Liu, Muzhou8639442CHN1218INTNorth London Collegiate School
13Gnanasekar, Jai Adithya5833884SGP1215EPark View Primary School
14Poon, Ee Rui5833442SGP1211EYu Neng Primary School
15Cheng, Jarrell5831393SGP1207NCatholic High School (Primary)
16Teah, Jared5826624SGP1207INTNorth London Collegiate School
17Palaniappan, Adhi Somu5833736SGP1195SKuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary Scho
18Reyansh, Singh5833558SGP1191EWhite Sands Primary School
19Rishikesh, Siddharth5828988SGP1188SSt Josephs Institution Junior
20Neo, Han Zer Max5830613SGP1183WHenry Park Primary School
21Tang, Chung-Han David Justin5837758SGP1179SACS (Primary)
22Vedant, Nayudu33369780IND1170INTNPS International School
23Karl, Sutanto5829852SGP1162SACS (Primary)
24Ng, Quan Zhu Caleb5833345SGP1150SACS (Primary)
25Lee, Jie Zhen Tedric5827825SGP1145NRosyth School
26Chan, Yao Hui Alden Nathanael5830028SGP1144SACS (Junior)
27Lakshith, Raj Nikkesh Raj33387850IND1138INTDimensions International College
28Ngiam, Liyou5833205SGP1134WNanyang Primary School
29Adith, Jeyasekharan5834040SGP1131INTUWCSEA Dover
30Khandhadia, Nivaan Rathin25753274IND1129INTGlobal Indian International School
31Ziegler, Jamie Elias5826241SGP1129INTOverseas Family School
32Wong, Ming Wei Benjamin5831296SGP1128SSt Joseph Institution Junior
33Lim, Kai En Joel5835615SGP1127SACS (Primary)
34Fong, Yu Ze Chayes5832608SGP1123NNorthland Primary School
35Lum, Yong Bing5831504SGP1112SRiver Valley Primary School
36Lee, Tsuen Jin Aiesec5829810SGP1106NMaris Stella High School (Primary)
37Chan, Yi Yong Elliott5833620SGP1105WNan Hua Primary School
38Yap, Shen Yu5829232SGP1097SACS (Junior)
39Loh, Zheng Yi Alfred72900709SGP1093WNanyang Primary School
40Vihaan, Tonk48765821IND1093INTDPS International School
41Shrenik, Mallick25100050IND1091INTGlobal Indian International School
42Isa, Kazu Mohd Faizal5832195SGP1089ENgee Ann Primary School
43Lum, Yong Feng5832063SGP1087SRiver Valley Primary School
44Tong, Yaocong Isaac5833779SGP1079SACS (Primary)
45Tham, Ding Rong5830001SGP1070NNorthland Primary School
46Shamyak, Biswas33472572IND1069INTOverseas Family School
47Mahaffy, Ryder Kien5830702SGP1065WNanyang Primary School
48Ishaan, Pramanik33329540IND1061INTSingapore American School
49Shankarapandian, Sanjith33476268IND1056WWest Grove Primary School
50Akshaj, Kumar Roy33302324IND1055INTOverseas Family School
51Eng, Isaac5833388SGP1052WNanyang Primary School
52Wang, Encheng5833744SGP1049NRosyth School
53Low, Kah Wai David5832802SGP1046NCatholic High School (Primary)
54Attan, Alex Lim Zhi Xiang5837987SGP1040WPei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
55Vir, Ravi5828970SGP1040WSouth View Primary School
56Suresh, Arjun5837405SGP1035NRosyth School
57Neo, Wei Long Marius5828350SGP1025WNanyang Primary School
58Vidhyanth, Hafiz33460256IND1015INTGlobal Indian International School
59Ng, Yong Rui Benjamin5837340SGP1012SACS (Primary)
60Lim, Rong Sheng Joshua5830508SGP1010WNanyang Primary School
61Siddharth, Siva Kumar5837120SGP1004NSembawang Primary School
62Aarav, Thodge48745111IND0INTUWCSEA Dover
63Abhinarayan, Arun5843014SGP0NHorizon Primary School
64Adhikesavan, Akhilesh5840767SGP0WLakeside Primary School
65Adit, Radke88106497IND0INTOverseas Family School
66Adrij, Das33338957IND0INTYuvabharathi International School
67Agastaya, Girish88111024IND0INTYuvabharathi International School
68Ajaya, Vihaan5843375SGP0INTOverseas Family School
69Akshay, Arul Ambikapathi88111105IND0INTYuvabharathi International School
70Amogh, Dinesh33315426IND0INTOverseas Family School
71Anand, Sharma88110745IND0INTYuvabharathi International School
72Anandatheerthan, Samyukth5844797SGP0INTNPS International School
73Ang, Keng Kai Isaac5843510SGP0ETao Nan School
74Ang, Seth Shi Jie5842743SGP0SSt Andrew's Junior School
75Archit, Sharma88110770IND0INTOverseas Family School
76Arihaan, Mantoo48777234IND0INTTanglin Trust School
77Arora, Ishan5845335SGP0EOpera Estate Primary School
78Aryaman, Mishra88107450IND0INTNPS International School
79Aryan, Patel88102483IND0INTNPS International School
80Ashwat, Jha88110818IND0INTOverseas Family School
81Ashwin, Arun Bharath88110907IND0INTYuvabharathi International School
82Atapattu, Siyath5846366SGP0SACS (Primary)
83Avyaan, Naresh Singh88110826IND0INTSt Joseph's Institution Internation
84Aw, Zhe Kai Kyash5842115SGP0WNanyang Primary School
85Ayaan, Badyal88110800IND0INTOverseas Family School
86Ayansh, Sinha88117006IND0INTOverseas Family School
87Bak, Xuan Qi Kaeden5841160SGP0WWestwood Primary School
88Barfiwala, Aryan Tejas5837855SGP0SCantonment Primary School
89Bommareddy, Gagan Eeswar Reddy5846455SGP0NAnchor Green Primary School
90Camangon, Timothy Alexander Ye5842646SGP0NMaris Stella High School (Primary)
91Chai, Chon Den Damian5845084SGP0SAi Tong School
92Chan, Chuen Hoi Wesley5842450SGP0WBukit Timah Primary School
93Chan, Jun Da Ian5841933SGP0SSaint Joseph Institution Junior
94Chan, Toby Kai Ming5846323SGP0SKheng Cheng School
95Cheah, Yu Heng5841755SGP0SKuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary Scho
96Cheang, Frederic5833574SGP0SACS (Primary)
97Chen, Ke Shih5841658SGP0SKuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary Scho
98Chen, Kehan Ryan5843022SGP0ETao Nan School
99Chen, Yixin5844169SGP0ESt Hilda's Primary School
100Cheng, Jie En Ethan5833167SGP0SKuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary Scho
101Cheng, Rafael5835933SGP0ETao Nan School
102Cheo, Kai En Joshua5832462SGP0SAi Tong School
103Cheo, Max Li An5843847SGP0ESt Hilda's Primary School
104Cheong, Lucas Jun Hong5846188SGP0SKheng Cheng School
105Chew, Bryan Boon Kai5843340SGP0NMaris Stella High School (Primary)
106Chia, Hao Feng5843685SGP0ESt Hilda's Primary School
107Chia, Lucas5844878SGP0WHenry Park Primary School
108Chia, Tiong Zhun Joel5837731SGP0WRulang Primary School
109Chia, Zhi Yang5839939SGP0NRosyth School
110Chiah, Zheng Yang Justin5837308SGP0WNanyang Primary School
111Chin, Kin Yan5842883SGP0WNanyang Primary School
112Chong, Guang Xin Christen5843561SGP0WNanyang Primary School
113Chong, Kai Cheng Reagan5831997SGP0NMee Toh School
114Choudhary, Agrim6009840HKG0INTStamford American International Sch
115Chua, Ryan5843111SGP0ETao Nan School
116Chua, Yoshi5829712SGP0SFairfield Methodist School (Primary
117Chua, Zhong Ze Brandon5832004SGP0NHougang Primary School
118Chung, Hajoon13220489KOR0INTSt Joseph's Institution Internation
119Feng, Shunran5843456SGP0ETao Nan School
120Foong, David5831180SGP0NCatholic High School (Primary)
121Gill, Gurnihal Singh5841640SGP0NRosyth School
122Goh, Zi Xin5842050SGP0SSt Andrew's Junior School
123Govindan, Muthukrishnan5844711SGP0SQueenstown Primary School
124Goy, Tang Siang Andrius5831636SGP0NMee Toh School
125Guan, Xuhui5845920SGP0WNan Hua Primary School
126Gunawan, Gavin Geoffrey5844134SGP0NSeng Kang Primary School
127Gupta, Reyansh5843189SGP0INTUWCSEA East
128Ha, Jungwoo B13220233KOR0INTOverseas Family School
129Harshil, Bhojwani88112012IND0INTOverseas Family School
130Heng, Gabriel5845548SGP0SAlexandra Primary School
131Hoi, Jonathan Mun Hong5843952SGP0SHong Wen School
132Holloway, Oliver343422179ENG0INTOverseas Family School
133Htin, Lin Joshua5840422SGP0EPasir Ris Primary School
134Huang, Chun Leong Henry5845785SGP0INTSt Joseph's Institution Internation
135Huang, Jingyang Evan5842158SGP0WNanyang Primary School
136Huang, Lehui Raphael5838924SGP0WSt Anthony's Primary School
137Hui, Ting Him5846447SGP0EPasir Ris Primary School
138Hui, Zheng Yin Elijah5830281SGP0NMaris Stella High School (Primary)
139Huynh, Thien Minh5845416SGP0SAlexandra Primary School
140Jain, Arham343412513ENG0INTUWCSEA Dover
141Kartik, Goel25943294IND0INTOverseas Family School
142Karuntu, Chilion Robertson5840635SGP0NNorthoaks Primary School
143Khoo, Jun Kai Justin5842697SGP0WRulang Primary School
144Khoo, Zhe You Zachary5839300SGP0WPei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
145Koh, Aaron Keng Kai5840252SGP0NRosyth School
146Krishn, Prashant Khemka88105253IND0INTUWCSEA Dover
147Kshitij, Gupta88102637IND0INTNPS International School
148Kung, De Eason5841135SGP0EChangkat Primary School
149Kuok, Zheng Yong Ivan5845238SGP0EPasir Ris Primary School
150Kuppusamy, Shivshankar5835267SGP0ETelok Kurau Primary School

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