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World School Chess Championships 2023 - O09

Last update 22.04.2023 19:00:30, Creator/Last Upload: tkarali

Player overview for SWE

6Torres Lucas1392SWE110111011744010,00U09

Results of the last round for SWE

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Sodkhulegt Naranbold1230 0 - 16 Torres Lucas1392

Player details for SWE

Torres Lucas 1392 SWE Rp:1417 Pts. 7
136Hafsa Yessine0TUN5w 1
223Nuraly Nurhan1184KAZ4s 1409,20
321Kiringoda Thehas Rithmitha1196SRI7,5w 040-30,00
427Kazimzade Mahammad1088AZE7s 1405,60
513Chighvinadze Robert1301GEO5,5w 14015,20
615Tamiolakis Grigorios1272GRE4,5s 14013,60
714Bissaliyev Aisultan1290KAZ7w 040-25,60
820ACMDe Fassio Davi Dos Santos1209BRA6s 14010,40
919Sodkhulegt Naranbold1230MGL5,5s 14011,60